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+Go 1.14 is released
+25 Feb 2020
+Alex Rakoczy
+* Introduction
+Today the Go team is very happy to announce the release of Go 1.14. You can get it from the [[][download page]].
+Some of the highlights include:
+- Module support in the `go` command is now ready for production use. We encourage all users to [[][migrate to `go` modules for dependency management]].
+- [[][Embedding interfaces with overlapping method sets]]
+- [[][Improved defer performance]]
+- [[][Goroutines are asynchronously preemptible]]
+- [[][The page allocator is more efficient]]
+- [[][Internal timers are more efficient]]
+For the complete list of changes and more information about the improvements above, see the [[][*Go*1.14*release*notes*]].
+We want to thank everyone who contributed to this release by writing code, filing bugs, providing feedback, and/or testing the beta and release candidate.
+Your contributions and diligence helped to ensure that Go 1.14 is as stable as possible.
+That said, if you notice any problems, please [[][file an issue]].
+We hope you enjoy the new release!