blog: Fix Decoding arbitrary data example

The example on the blog post json-and-go describes decoding arbitrary 
data, but instead of switching on the default concrete type for 
numbers - float64, it looks for int, making it print:
is of a type I don't know how to handle.

This change looks for float64 instead of int.

Change-Id: I86825003893216dd52212d7f75239ec57770a83b
Reviewed-by: Ian Lance Taylor <>
diff --git a/content/json-and-go.article b/content/json-and-go.article
index 4a1ae36..4a9f55a 100644
--- a/content/json-and-go.article
+++ b/content/json-and-go.article
@@ -163,8 +163,8 @@
 	        switch vv := v.(type) {
 	        case string:
 	            fmt.Println(k, "is string", vv)
-	        case int:
-	            fmt.Println(k, "is int", vv)
+	        case float64:
+	            fmt.Println(k, "is float64", vv)
 	        case []interface{}:
 	            fmt.Println(k, "is an array:")
 	            for i, u := range vv {