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# Go and the Google Cloud Platform
12 Jun 2013
Summary: Two talks about using Go with the Google Cloud Platform, from Google I/O 2013.
OldURL: /go-and-google-cloud-platform
Andrew Gerrand
## Introduction
In 2011 we announced the [Go runtime for App Engine](
Since then, we have continued to improve the Go App Engine experience,
and generally improved Go support for the Google Cloud Platform.
For instance, the [google-api-go-client]( provides
a Go interface to a range of Google's public APis,
including Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery,
Drive, and many more.
Learn more by watching these talks from Google I/O this year:
## High Performance Apps with Go on App Engine
_The Go runtime for App Engine is a high performance engine for_
_running web applications. It produces fast responses,_
_starts instances in a fraction of a second, makes the most use_
_of instance hours, and allows your app to do serious processing_
_at full machine speed._
_Come along to hear how to fully exploit the power of Go on App_
_Engine and make your web applications the best they can be._
.iframe // 309 549
## All the Ships in the World
Visualizing Data with Google Cloud and Maps
_Tens of thousands of ships report their position at least once_
_every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day._
_Visualizing that quantity of data and serving it out to large_
_numbers of people takes lots of power both in the browser and on the server._
_This session will explore the use of Maps,_
_App Engine, Go, Compute Engine, BigQuery, Cloud Storage,_
_and WebGL to do massive data visualization._
.iframe // 309 549