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20 Aug 2014
Tags: conference, oscon
Francesc Campoy
* Introduction
What happens in Portland in July? [[][OSCON]]! At
this year's conference, Go was more present than ever before, with five talks,
two workshops, a
[[][Birds of a Feather]]
session, and a meetup.
* Talks
[[][Matt Stine]] talked about his experience switching
from Java to Go with
[[][A recovering Java developer learns Go]]
while [[][Steve Francia]] presented
[[][Painless Data Storage with MongoDB and Go]].
Steve also presented
[[][Go for Object Oriented Programmers]],
where he explained how some object oriented concepts can be implemented in Go.
.image osconreport/talks.png _ 800
Finally, [[][Josh Bleecher Snyder]] talked about his
experience writing tools to work with Go source code in
[[][Gophers with hammers]],
and [[][Francesc Campoy]] talked about all the things
that could have gone wrong and what the Go team did to prevent them
[[][Inside the Go playground]].
* Workshops
At the beginning of OSCON's workshop day, Steve Francia presented how to build a
web application and a CLI tool during
[[][Getting started with Go]] to a big
room full of Gophers.
.image osconreport/workshops.png _ 800
In the afternoon, [[][Chris McEniry]] gave his
[[][Quick introduction to system tools programming with Go]] where he went over some useful skills to
write system tools using Go and its standard library.
* Additional events
To take advantage of the increased Gopher population in Portland during OSCON, we
organized two extra events: the first [[][PDXGolang]]
meetup and a
[[][Birds of a Feather session]].
.image osconreport/meetup.png _ 800
At the meetup Francesc Campoy talked about
[[][Go Best Practices]] and
[[][Kelsey Hightower]] gave a great
introduction to [[][Kubernetes]],
a container management system for clusters written in Go by Google. If you live
in Portland, make sure you [[][join the group]] and come
along to the next meeting.
The "Birds of a Feather" (or, more aptly, "Gophers of a Feather") was a lot of
fun for everyone involved. We hope to see more of you there next year.
* In conclusion
.image osconreport/random.png _ 800
Thanks to all the gophers that participated in OSCON. After the successes of
this year we look forward to more Go fun at OSCON 2015.