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New Talk and Tutorials
5 May 2010
Andrew Gerrand
* Introduction
Rob Pike recently gave a talk at Stanford's [[][Computer Systems Colloquium]] (EE380). Titled [[][_Another_Go_at_Language_Design_]], the presentation gives an overview of the itches Go was built to scratch, and how Go addresses those problems. You can view [[][a video stream of the talk]], and [[][download the slides]].
Last week's release included a code lab, [[][Writing Web Applications]], that details the construction of a simple wiki program. It is a practical introduction to some fundamental Go concepts, and the first of a series of Go code labs.
Lastly, we are often asked "How do Go packages work?" It's easier to show than to explain, so I put together a [[][Go Packages screen cast]] that demonstrates the process of writing, building, installing, and redistributing Go packages. I hope to post more of these covering a variety of Go programming topics to the [[][gocoding YouTube channel]] in the near future.