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GolangUK 2015
09 Oct 2015
Tags: conference, golanguk
Francesc Campoy
* Introduction
On August 21st the Go community gathered in London for the first edition of
[[][Golang UK]]. The conference featured two parallel
tracks and nearly 400 gophers attended.
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The conference started with the opening keynote by [[][David Calavera]]
called Crossing the Language Chasm ([[][video]])
and continued with two concurrently executed [[][tracks]].
Main track:
- Stupid Gopher Tricks, by [[][Andrew Gerrand]] ([[][video]])
- Complex Concurrency Patterns in Go, by [[][Evan Huus]] ([[][video]])
- Code Analysis [no reading required], by [[][Francesc Campoy]] ([[][video]])
- Go kit: a toolkit for microservices [[][Peter Bourgon]] ([[][video]])
- Dependency Management Conundrum, by [[][William Kennedy]] ([[][video]])
Side track:
- Building APIs, by [[][Mat Ryer]] ([[][video]])
- Building a Bank with Go, by [[][Matt Heath]] ([[][video]])
- CockroachDB: Make Data Easy, by [[][Ben Darnell]] ([[][video]])
- Understanding memory allocation in Go, by [[][Dean Elbaz]] ([[][video]])
- Whispered Secrets, by [[][Eleanor McHugh]] ([[][video]])
Finally [[][Damian Gryski]] took the stage for the
closing keynote ([[][video]]),
giving an overview of how the Go community has evolved over time and hinting
to what the future might look like.
On the day before the conference [[][William Kennedy]]
gave a full day Go workshop.
It was a great conference, so congratulations to the organizers and see you next year in London!