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GothamGo: gophers in the big apple
9 Jan 2015
Francesc Campoy
* Introduction
Last November more than two hundred gophers from all across the United States got together for the first full-day Go conference in New York City.
The diverse speaker lineup included university students, industry experts, and Go team members.
And good news, everybody! All the talks were recorded and are available:
.image gothamgo/gothamgo.jpg _ 600
- [[][Launching into Go]] _by_Kathy_Spardlin_ - a CockroachDB contributor provides pointers for people getting started with Go.
- [[][Error Handling]] _by_ [[][_Bill_Kennedy_]] - ideas on how to use the Go error interface.
- [[][7 common mistakes in Go and how to avoid them]] _by_ [[][_Steve_Francia_]] - the author of some popular Go libraries shares his experience.
- [[][Cancellation, Context, and Plumbing]] _by_ [[][_Sameer_Ajmani_]] - the Google NYC Go team lead explains how cancellation works in Go, and how we're retrofitting the Google code base to use it.
- [[][Dethorning Package Management]] _by_ [[][_Keith_Rarick_]] - the creator of godep talks about how to manage your dependencies well.
- [[][Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Go Web Apps (But were afraid to ask)]] _by_ [[][_Mark_Bates_]] - a survey of Go packages for building web apps, and insights into why there are so few Go "frameworks".
- [[][Building high-performance database applications using Aerospike]] _by_Chris_Stivers_ - a principal engineer at Aerospike shares his experiences building scalable applications.
- [[][The state of Go on the Android platform]] _by_ [[][_David_Crawshaw_]] - the leader of the Go on mobile platforms project tells us what’s coming up and shows a working demo.
- [[][Mutexes and Locks]] _by_ [[][_Jessie_Frazelle_]] - a member of the Docker core team tells us about concurrency and what to do when things go wrong.
- [[][]] _by_ [[][_Ron_Evans_]] - awesome robots controlled by Go, with demos!
- [[][Doing Go]] _by_ [[][_Bryan_Liles_]] - a DigitalOcean engineer delivers a hilarious comedy routine that happens to be about Go.
- [[][Things I learned teaching Go]] _by_ [[][_Francesc_Campoy_]] - the Developer Advocate for the Go team shares his experience teaching Go and some advice on how to become a better gopher.
Two more talks come from the Go meetup in New York City, which met the day before GothamGo:
- [[][Benchmarking Go]] _by_ [[][_Brian_Bulkowski_]] - the founder of Aerospike talks about profiling tools for Go and Linux, and micro benchmarks for goroutines, channels, buffers, and and other Go features.
- [[][Go Static Analysis Tools]] _by_Alan_Donovan_ - a member of the Go team at Google NY gives a guided tour of several static analysis tools designed to help Go programmers understand, navigate , and refactor their code.
Make sure to have a look at all of those in preparation for the [[][FOSDEM]] Go devroom FOSDEM in Brussels (Belgium) and [[][]] in Bengaluru (India).