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GopherCon 2015 Roundup
28 Jul 2015
Tags: conference, report, gopher
Andrew Gerrand
* Introduction
A few weeks ago, Go programmers from around the world descended on Denver,
Colorado for GopherCon 2015. The two-day, single-track conference attracted
more than 1,250 attendees—nearly double last year's number—and featured 22
talks presented by Go community members.
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Today the organizers have posted the videos online so you can now enjoy the
conference from afar:
[[][Day 1]]:
- Go, Open Source, Community — Russ Cox ([[][video]]) ([[][text]])
- Go kit: A Standard Library for Distributed Programming — Peter Bourgon ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- Delve Into Go — Derek Parker ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- How a complete beginner learned Go as her first backend language in 5 weeks — Audrey Lim ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- A Practical Guide to Preventing Deadlocks and Leaks in Go — Richard Fliam ([[][video]])
- Go GC: Solving the Latency Problem — Rick Hudson ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- Simplicity and Go — Katherine Cox-Buday ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- Rebuilding in Go - an opinionated rewrite — Abhishek Kona ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- Prometheus: Designing and Implementing a Modern Monitoring Solution in Go — Björn Rabenstein ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- What Could Go Wrong? — Kevin Cantwell ([[][video]])
- The Roots of Go — Baishampayan Ghose ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
[[][Day 2]]:
- The Evolution of Go — Robert Griesemer ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- Static Code Analysis Using SSA — Ben Johnson ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- Go on Mobile — Hana Kim ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- Go Dynamic Tools — Dmitry Vyukov ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- Embrace the Interface — Tomás Senart ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- Uptime: Building Resilient Services with Go — Blake Caldwell ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- Cayley: Building a Graph Database — Barak Michener ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- Code Generation For The Sake Of Consistency — Sarah Adams ([[][video]])
- The Many Faces of Struct Tags — Sam Helman and Kyle Erf ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
- Betting the Company on Go and Winning — Kelsey Hightower ([[][video]])
- How Go Was Made — Andrew Gerrand ([[][video]]) ([[][slides]])
The [[][hack day]] was also a ton of fun,
with hours of [[][lightning talks]] and a range of activities from programming robots
to a Magic: the Gathering tournament.
Huge thanks to the event organizers Brian Ketelsen and Eric St. Martin and
their production team, the sponsors, the speakers, and the attendees for making
this such a fun and action-packed conference. Hope to see you there next year!