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// Copyright 2021 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package harnesses
import (
const (
server = "tile38-server"
type Tile38 struct{}
func (h Tile38) CheckPrerequisites() error {
return nil
func (h Tile38) Get(srcDir string) error {
return gitShallowClone(
func (h Tile38) Build(cfg *common.Config, bcfg *common.BuildConfig) error {
env := cfg.BuildEnv.Env
// Add the Go tool to PATH, since tile38's Makefile doesn't provide enough
// visibility into how tile38 is built to allow us to pass this information
// directly. Also set the GOROOT explicitly because it might have propagated
// differently from the environment.
env = env.Prefix("PATH", filepath.Join(cfg.GoRoot, "bin")+":")
env = env.MustSet("GOROOT=" + cfg.GoRoot)
cmd := exec.Command("make", "-C", bcfg.SrcDir)
cmd.Env = env.Collapse()
log.TraceCommand(cmd, false)
// Call Output here to get an *ExitError with a populated Stderr field.
if _, err := cmd.Output(); err != nil {
return err
// Note that no matter what we do, the build script insists on putting the
// binaries into the source directory, so copy the one we care about into
// BinDir.
if err := copyFile(filepath.Join(bcfg.BinDir, server), filepath.Join(bcfg.SrcDir, server)); err != nil {
return err
return cfg.GoTool().BuildPath(bcfg.BenchDir, filepath.Join(bcfg.BinDir, "tile38-bench"))
func (h Tile38) Run(cfg *common.Config, rcfg *common.RunConfig) error {
// Make sure all the data passed to the server is writable.
// The server needs to be able to open its persistent storage as read-write.
dataPath := filepath.Join(rcfg.AssetsDir, "data")
if err := makeWriteable(dataPath); err != nil {
return err
args := append(rcfg.Args, []string{
"-host", "",
"-port", "9851",
"-server", filepath.Join(rcfg.BinDir, server),
"-data", dataPath,
"-tmp", rcfg.TmpDir,
if rcfg.Short {
args = append(args, "-short")
cmd := exec.Command(
filepath.Join(rcfg.BinDir, "tile38-bench"),
cmd.Env = cfg.ExecEnv.Collapse()
cmd.Stdout = rcfg.Results
cmd.Stderr = rcfg.Results
log.TraceCommand(cmd, false)
return cmd.Run()