x86asm: disassemble CMP instruction's arguments in the opposite order

That way it matches what the compiler's -S flag generates, and what we write
in assembly.

  CMP AX, $16
  JLE foo

should get to foo if AX <= 16. Without this CL, the disassembly looks like

  CMP $16, AX
  JLE foo

which reads like we should get to foo if 16 <= AX, which is not what these
two instructions actually do.

It was originally this way because the CMP instruction parallels the SUB
instruction, except it throws away the non-flags result. We write that
subtraction as

  SUB $16, AX  // AX <- AX-16

but we don't need to match the SUB's disassembly order, as CMP is not
writing to a register output.

Update golang/go#60920
(This fixes the underlying issue, but the actual "fixes" comment needs to go
on the CL that vendors x/arch containing this CL into the main branch.)

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