arm64/arm64asm: complement SIMD instructions go syntax in disassembler

The patch complements the unimplemented go syntax for SIMD instructions
and adds the test cases.

Change-Id: I2682b03f197373fb44c4daedbc3a2a0a8e3f5f49
Reviewed-by: Cherry Zhang <>
Run-TryBot: Cherry Zhang <>
TryBot-Result: Gobot Gobot <>
diff --git a/arm64/arm64asm/plan9x.go b/arm64/arm64asm/plan9x.go
index 2cc2611..0498b84 100644
--- a/arm64/arm64asm/plan9x.go
+++ b/arm64/arm64asm/plan9x.go
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@
 	// Move addressing mode into opcode suffix.
 	suffix := ""
 	switch inst.Op {
 		switch mem := inst.Args[1].(type) {
 		case MemImmediate:
 			switch mem.Mode {
@@ -114,6 +114,8 @@
 			rno = int(a)
 		case RegisterWithArrangementAndIndex:
 			op = "VMOV"
+		case RegisterWithArrangement:
+			op = "VMOV"
 		if rno >= 0 && rno <= int(WZR) {
 			op = "MOVW"
@@ -133,6 +135,12 @@
 		if rno <= uint16(WZR) {
 			op = "MOVWU" + suffix
+		} else if rno >= uint16(S0) && rno <= uint16(S31) {
+			op = "FMOVS" + suffix
+			args[0] = fmt.Sprintf("F%d", rno&31)
+		} else if rno >= uint16(D0) && rno <= uint16(D31) {
+			op = "FMOVD" + suffix
+			args[0] = fmt.Sprintf("F%d", rno&31)
 		} else {
 			op = "MOVD" + suffix
@@ -173,6 +181,12 @@
 		if rno <= uint16(WZR) {
 			op = "MOVW" + suffix
+		} else if rno >= uint16(S0) && rno <= uint16(S31) {
+			op = "FMOVS" + suffix
+			args[0] = fmt.Sprintf("F%d", rno&31)
+		} else if rno >= uint16(D0) && rno <= uint16(D31) {
+			op = "FMOVD" + suffix
+			args[0] = fmt.Sprintf("F%d", rno&31)
 		} else {
 			op = "MOVD" + suffix
@@ -365,6 +379,16 @@
 	case MSR:
 		args[0] = inst.Args[0].String()
+	case ST1:
+		op = fmt.Sprintf("V%s", op) + suffix
+		args[0], args[1] = args[1], args[0]
+	case LD1:
+		op = fmt.Sprintf("V%s", op) + suffix
+	case UMOV:
+		op = "VMOV"
 		index := sort.SearchStrings(noSuffixOpSet, op)
 		if !(index < len(noSuffixOpSet) && noSuffixOpSet[index] == op) {
@@ -378,6 +402,9 @@
 				op = fmt.Sprintf("V%s", op)
+			if rno >= int(B0) && rno <= int(Q31) && !strings.HasPrefix(op, "F") {
+				op = fmt.Sprintf("V%s", op)
+			}
 			if rno >= 0 && rno <= int(WZR) {
 				// Add "w" to opcode suffix.
 				op += "W"
@@ -429,6 +456,7 @@
@@ -651,7 +679,7 @@
 		result := a.r.String()
 		arrange := a.a.String()
 		result += arrange
-		if a.cnt > 0 {
+		if a.cnt > 1 {
 			result = "[" + result
 			for i := 1; i < int(a.cnt); i++ {
 				cur := V0 + Reg((uint16(a.r)-uint16(V0)+uint16(i))&31)
diff --git a/arm64/arm64asm/testdata/plan9cases.txt b/arm64/arm64asm/testdata/plan9cases.txt
index 4a65522..873de3d 100644
--- a/arm64/arm64asm/testdata/plan9cases.txt
+++ b/arm64/arm64asm/testdata/plan9cases.txt
@@ -357,7 +357,7 @@
 e5bb200e|	VABS V31.B8, V5.B8
 c9842d0e|	VADD V13.B8, V6.B8, V9.B8
 f4bd394e|	VADDP V25.B16, V15.B16, V20.B16
-b3b8b14e|	ADDV V5.S4, V19
+b3b8b14e|	VADDV V5.S4, V19
 cd5b284e|	AESD V30.B16, V13.B16
 4b4b284e|	AESE V26.B16, V11.B16
 2879284e|	AESIMC V9.B16, V8.B16
@@ -372,18 +372,18 @@
 8d48a00e|	VCLS V4.S2, V13.S2
 324ba02e|	VCLZ V25.S2, V18.S2
 c88f2b2e|	VCMEQ V11.B8, V30.B8, V8.B8
-a799e05e|	CMEQ $0, V13, V7
+a799e05e|	VCMEQ $0, V13, V7
 dc9be04e|	VCMEQ $0, V30.D2, V28.D2
 623f2d4e|	VCMGE V13.B16, V27.B16, V2.B16
 e889e06e|	VCMGE $0, V15.D2, V8.D2
-cb37e55e|	CMGT V5, V30, V11
+cb37e55e|	VCMGT V5, V30, V11
 8e37b00e|	VCMGT V16.S2, V28.S2, V14.S2
 1a8be04e|	VCMGT $0, V24.D2, V26.D2
-7f37eb7e|	CMHI V11, V27, V31
+7f37eb7e|	VCMHI V11, V27, V31
 333d356e|	VCMHS V21.B16, V9.B16, V19.B16
-bd9ae07e|	CMLE $0, V21, V29
+bd9ae07e|	VCMLE $0, V21, V29
 8999602e|	VCMLE $0, V12.H4, V9.H4
-aca9e05e|	CMLT $0, V13, V12
+aca9e05e|	VCMLT $0, V13, V12
 7fa8204e|	VCMLT $0, V3.B16, V31.B16
 588db20e|	VCMTST V18.S2, V10.S2, V24.S2
 cc051d5e|	VMOV V14.B[14], V12
@@ -609,16 +609,16 @@
 9163df0c|	VLD1.P 24(R28), [V17.B8, V18.B8, V19.B8]
 152ddf4c|	VLD1.P 64(R8), [V21.D2, V22.D2, V23.D2, V24.D2]
 0725c04c|	VLD1.P (R8)(R0), [V7.H8, V8.H8, V9.H8, V10.H8]
-7c04404d|	LD1 (R3), [V28.B][9]
-6d49404d|	LD1 (R11), [V13.H][5]
-9e81400d|	LD1 (R12), [V30.S][0]
-d384404d|	LD1 (R6), [V19.D][1]
-b20ddf4d|	LD1.P 1(R13), [V18.B][11]
-f114cd4d|	LD1.P (R7)(R13), [V17.B][13]
-bb92df4d|	LD1.P 4(R21), [V27.S][3]
-a883d64d|	LD1.P (R29)(R22), [V8.S][2]
-f584df4d|	LD1.P 8(R7), [V21.D][1]
-0284c80d|	LD1.P (R0)(R8), [V2.D][0]
+7c04404d|	VLD1 (R3), V28.B[9]
+6d49404d|	VLD1 (R11), V13.H[5]
+9e81400d|	VLD1 (R12), V30.S[0]
+d384404d|	VLD1 (R6), V19.D[1]
+b20ddf4d|	VLD1.P 1(R13), V18.B[11]
+f114cd4d|	VLD1.P (R7)(R13), V17.B[13]
+bb92df4d|	VLD1.P 4(R21), V27.S[3]
+a883d64d|	VLD1.P (R29)(R22), V8.S[2]
+f584df4d|	VLD1.P 8(R7), V21.D[1]
+0284c80d|	VLD1.P (R0)(R8), V2.D[0]
 91c3400d|	VLD1R (R28), [V17.B8]
 71c9df0d|	VLD1R 4(R11), [V17.S2]
 e7c4db0d|	VLD1R (R7)(R27), [V7.H4]
@@ -669,9 +669,9 @@
 56e0604d|	VLD4R (R2), [V22.B16, V23.B16, V24.B16, V25.B16]
 dce7ff0d|	VLD4R 8(R30), [V28.H4, V29.H4, V30.H4, V31.H4]
 14e8ef0d|	VLD4R (R0)(R15), [V20.S2, V21.S2, V22.S2, V23.S2]
-7776732c|	LDNP -104(R19), V29, V23
-23dd746c|	LDNP -184(R9), V23, V3
-383e48ac|	LDNP 256(R17), V15, V24
+7776732c|	VLDNP -104(R19), V29, V23
+23dd746c|	VLDNP -184(R9), V23, V3
+383e48ac|	VLDNP 256(R17), V15, V24
 0d10c12c|	LDP.P 8(R0), (V13, V4)
 fe3ae66c|	LDP.P -416(R23), (V30, V14)
 f627f9ac|	LDP.P -224(RSP), (V22, V9)
@@ -683,25 +683,25 @@
 08957cad|	LDP -112(R8), (V8, V5)
 c5e5543c|	MOVD.P -178(R14), V5
 4ff5417c|	MOVD.P 31(R10), V15
-72e54bbc|	MOVD.P 190(R11), V18
-16b55dfc|	MOVD.P -37(R8), V22
+72e54bbc|	FMOVS.P 190(R11), F18
+16b55dfc|	FMOVD.P -37(R8), F22
 9e24db3c|	MOVD.P -78(R4), V30
 d20c503c|	MOVD.W -256(R6), V18
 1f1c4d7c|	MOVD.W 209(R0), V31
-2fbf4dbc|	MOVD.W 219(R25), V15
-a06c59fc|	MOVD.W -106(R5), V0
+2fbf4dbc|	FMOVS.W 219(R25), F15
+a06c59fc|	FMOVD.W -106(R5), F0
 886ddd3c|	MOVD.W -42(R12), V8
 58f64e3d|	MOVD 957(R18), V24
 f5c3547d|	MOVD 2656(RSP), V21
-8e8a7bbd|	MOVD 15240(R20), V14
-8e3c7afd|	MOVD 29816(R4), V14
+8e8a7bbd|	FMOVS 15240(R20), F14
+8e3c7afd|	FMOVD 29816(R4), F14
 f2aeff3d|	MOVD 65200(R23), V18
 1d78793c|	MOVD (R0)(R25), V29
-b8f15d3c|	LDUR -33(R13), V24
-95635c7c|	LDUR -58(R28), V21
-27d046bc|	LDUR 109(R1), V7
-21624efc|	LDUR 230(R17), V1
-6dd2d83c|	LDUR -115(R19), V13
+b8f15d3c|	VLDUR -33(R13), V24
+95635c7c|	VLDUR -58(R28), V21
+27d046bc|	VLDUR 109(R1), V7
+21624efc|	VLDUR 230(R17), V1
+6dd2d83c|	VLDUR -115(R19), V13
 dc09be6f|	VMLA V30.S[3], V14.S4, V28.S4
 eb97af4e|	VMLA V15.S4, V31.S4, V11.S4
 0495722e|	VMLS V18.H4, V8.H4, V4.H4
@@ -709,12 +709,12 @@
 92471b6e|	VMOV V28.B[8], V18.B[13]
 7a1e134e|	VMOV R19, V26.B[9]
 761fa30e|	VORR V3.B8, V27.B8, V22.B8
-f23d070e|	UMOVW V15.B[3], R18
+f23d070e|	VMOV V15.B[3], R18
 a5e6064f|	VMOVI $213, V5.B16
 63c5064f|	VMOVI $(203<<136), V3.S4
 bca7014f|	VMOVI $(61<<8), V28.H8
 95e4040f|	VMOVI $132, V21.B8
-fce4072f|	MOVI $-1099494850561, V28
+fce4072f|	VMOVI $-1099494850561, V28
 24e6036f|	VMOVI $72057589742960895, V4.D2
 429d6a4e|	VMUL V10.H8, V10.H8, V2.H8
 e558202e|	VMVN V7.B8, V5.B8
@@ -742,7 +742,7 @@
 366b200e|	VSADALP V25.B8, V22.H4
 1802680e|	VSADDL V8.H4, V16.H4, V24.S4
 022b604e|	VSADDLP V24.H8, V2.S4
-413ab04e|	SADDLV V18.S4, V1
+413ab04e|	VSADDLV V18.S4, V1
 4013750e|	VSADDW V21.H4, V26.S4, V0.S4
 4412744e|	VSADDW2 V20.H8, V18.S4, V4.S4
 2ee6255f|	SCVTF $27, F17, F14
@@ -774,87 +774,87 @@
 c3652c4e|	VSMAX V12.B16, V14.B16, V3.B16
 b5a7ab0e|	VSMAXP V11.S2, V29.S2, V21.S2
 f1aeb34e|	VSMINP V19.S4, V23.S4, V17.S4
-87a8b14e|	SMINV V4.S4, V7
+87a8b14e|	VSMINV V4.S4, V7
 1e21bc4f|	VSMLAL2 V28.S[1], V8.S4, V30.D2
 50a33a0e|	VSMLSL V26.B8, V26.B8, V16.H8
 4e2d1a0e|	SMOVW V10.H[6], R14
 9ba9b30f|	VSMULL V19.S[3], V12.S2, V27.D2
-417a205e|	SQABS V18, V1
+417a205e|	VSQABS V18, V1
 9f78a04e|	VSQABS V4.S4, V31.S4
-580d2e5e|	SQADD V14, V10, V24
+580d2e5e|	VSQADD V14, V10, V24
 3d30764f|	VSQDMLAL2 V6.H[3], V1.H8, V29.S4
-9591b25e|	SQDMLAL V18, V12, V21
+9591b25e|	VSQDMLAL V18, V12, V21
 0d92670e|	VSQDMLAL V7.H4, V16.H4, V13.S4
-90b1765e|	SQDMLSL V22, V12, V16
-83c2ad5f|	SQDMULH V13.S[1], V20, V3
-bbb7aa5e|	SQDMULH V10, V29, V27
-c8b99a5f|	SQDMULL V26.S[2], V14, V8
+90b1765e|	VSQDMLSL V22, V12, V16
+83c2ad5f|	VSQDMULH V13.S[1], V20, V3
+bbb7aa5e|	VSQDMULH V10, V29, V27
+c8b99a5f|	VSQDMULL V26.S[2], V14, V8
 75b3920f|	VSQDMULL V18.S[0], V27.S2, V21.D2
-86d1b75e|	SQDMULL V23, V12, V6
+86d1b75e|	VSQDMULL V23, V12, V6
 edd06f4e|	VSQDMULL2 V15.H8, V7.H8, V13.S4
-0f7ae07e|	SQNEG V16, V15
+0f7ae07e|	VSQNEG V16, V15
 e87b602e|	VSQNEG V31.H4, V8.H4
 ecb5a92e|	VSQRDMULH V9.S2, V15.S2, V12.S2
-d75fba5e|	SQRSHL V26, V30, V23
+d75fba5e|	VSQRSHL V26, V30, V23
 f75f324e|	VSQRSHL V18.B16, V31.B16, V23.B16
 af9c114f|	VSQRSHRN2 $15, V5.S4, V15.H8
 318d2f6f|	VSQRSHRUN2 $17, V9.D2, V17.S4
-b3757c5f|	SQSHL $60, V13, V19
+b3757c5f|	VSQSHL $60, V13, V19
 0c776f4f|	VSQSHL $47, V24.D2, V12.D2
-d84c2a5e|	SQSHL V10, V6, V24
+d84c2a5e|	VSQSHL V10, V6, V24
 ae4e704e|	VSQSHL V16.H8, V21.H8, V14.H8
-b566727f|	SQSHLU $50, V21, V21
+b566727f|	VSQSHLU $50, V21, V21
 4566596f|	VSQSHLU $25, V18.D2, V5.D2
 d595140f|	VSQSHRN $12, V14.S4, V21.H4
 00940b4f|	VSQSHRN2 $5, V0.H8, V0.B16
 5384352f|	VSQSHRUN $11, V2.D2, V19.S2
-1a2e3d5e|	SQSUB V29, V16, V26
+1a2e3d5e|	VSQSUB V29, V16, V26
 b02e6b4e|	VSQSUB V11.H8, V21.H8, V16.H8
-1249a15e|	SQXTN V8, V18
+1249a15e|	VSQXTN V8, V18
 eb49610e|	VSQXTN V15.S4, V11.H4
 cb4a614e|	VSQXTN2 V22.S4, V11.H8
-102b217e|	SQXTUN V24, V16
+102b217e|	VSQXTUN V24, V16
 492a212e|	VSQXTUN V18.H8, V9.B8
 112a616e|	VSQXTUN2 V16.S4, V17.H8
 6c16ae4e|	VSRHADD V14.S4, V19.S4, V12.S4
-5946467f|	SRI $58, V18, V25
+5946467f|	VSRI $58, V18, V25
 21460a2f|	VSRI $6, V17.B8, V1.B8
 9f56b10e|	VSRSHL V17.S2, V20.S2, V31.S2
-e724635f|	SRSHR $29, V7, V7
+e724635f|	VSRSHR $29, V7, V7
 e8266b4f|	VSRSHR $21, V23.D2, V8.D2
 2b37180f|	VSRSRA $8, V25.H4, V11.H4
-1644f95e|	SSHL V25, V0, V22
+1644f95e|	VSSHL V25, V0, V22
 3644fc4e|	VSSHL V28.D2, V1.D2, V22.D2
 d9a61f4f|	VSSHLL2 $15, V22.H8, V25.S4
-9b075e5f|	SSHR $34, V28, V27
+9b075e5f|	VSSHR $34, V28, V27
 2c044c4f|	VSSHR $52, V1.D2, V12.D2
 d915324f|	VSSRA $14, V14.S4, V25.S4
 de21260e|	VSSUBL V6.B8, V14.B8, V30.H8
 c720254e|	VSSUBL2 V5.B16, V6.B16, V7.H8
 9d33b90e|	VSSUBW V25.S2, V28.D2, V29.D2
-7e71000c|	VST1 (R11), [V30.B8]
-cca6000c|	VST1 (R22), [V12.H4, V13.H4]
-5467000c|	VST1 (R26), [V20.H4, V21.H4, V22.H4]
-cc28004c|	VST1 (R6), [V12.S4, V13.S4, V14.S4, V15.S4]
-9e7e9f4c|	VST1 16(R20), [V30.D2]
-4b769d0c|	VST1 (R18)(R29), [V11.H4]
-adaa9f0c|	VST1 16(R21), [V13.S2, V14.S2]
-bca7844c|	VST1 (R29)(R4), [V28.H8, V29.H8]
-b5659f0c|	VST1 24(R13), [V21.H4, V22.H4, V23.H4]
-e669874c|	VST1 (R15)(R7), [V6.S4, V7.S4, V8.S4]
-9b2a9f0c|	VST1 32(R20), [V27.S2, V28.S2, V29.S2, V30.S2]
-14278b0c|	VST1 (R24)(R11), [V20.H4, V21.H4, V22.H4, V23.H4]
-d002004d|	ST1 (R22), [V16.B][8]
-9780004d|	ST1 (R4), [V23.S][2]
-7787004d|	ST1 (R27), [V23.D][1]
-850d9f0d|	ST1 1(R12), [V5.B][3]
-7b1f8f0d|	ST1 (R27)(R15), [V27.B][7]
-7a5a9f4d|	ST1 2(R19), [V26.H][7]
-e14b9e4d|	ST1 (RSP)(R30), [V1.H][5]
-dd819f4d|	ST1 4(R14), [V29.S][2]
-a281910d|	ST1 (R13)(R17), [V2.S][0]
-b2849f0d|	ST1 8(R5), [V18.D][0]
-c484964d|	ST1 (R6)(R22), [V4.D][1]
+7e71000c|	VST1 [V30.B8], (R11)
+cca6000c|	VST1 [V12.H4, V13.H4], (R22)
+5467000c|	VST1 [V20.H4, V21.H4, V22.H4], (R26)
+cc28004c|	VST1 [V12.S4, V13.S4, V14.S4, V15.S4], (R6)
+9e7e9f4c|	VST1.P [V30.D2], 16(R20)
+4b769d0c|	VST1.P [V11.H4], (R18)(R29)
+adaa9f0c|	VST1.P [V13.S2, V14.S2], 16(R21)
+bca7844c|	VST1.P [V28.H8, V29.H8], (R29)(R4)
+b5659f0c|	VST1.P [V21.H4, V22.H4, V23.H4], 24(R13)
+e669874c|	VST1.P [V6.S4, V7.S4, V8.S4], (R15)(R7)
+9b2a9f0c|	VST1.P [V27.S2, V28.S2, V29.S2, V30.S2], 32(R20)
+14278b0c|	VST1.P [V20.H4, V21.H4, V22.H4, V23.H4], (R24)(R11)
+d002004d|	VST1 V16.B[8], (R22)
+9780004d|	VST1 V23.S[2], (R4)
+7787004d|	VST1 V23.D[1], (R27)
+850d9f0d|	VST1.P V5.B[3], 1(R12)
+7b1f8f0d|	VST1.P V27.B[7], (R27)(R15)
+7a5a9f4d|	VST1.P V26.H[7], 2(R19)
+e14b9e4d|	VST1.P V1.H[5], (RSP)(R30)
+dd819f4d|	VST1.P V29.S[2], 4(R14)
+a281910d|	VST1.P V2.S[0], (R13)(R17)
+b2849f0d|	VST1.P V18.D[0], 8(R5)
+c484964d|	VST1.P V4.D[1], (R6)(R22)
 f686004c|	VST2 (R23), [V22.H8, V23.H8]
 2e869f0c|	VST2 16(R17), [V14.H4, V15.H4]
 d200200d|	ST2 (R6), [V18.B, V19.B][0]
@@ -896,9 +896,9 @@
 dda1b04d|	ST4 (R14)(R16), [V29.S, V30.S, V31.S, V0.S][2]
 6aa5bf0d|	ST4 32(R11), [V10.D, V11.D, V12.D, V13.D][0]
 e7a7ac0d|	ST4 (RSP)(R12), [V7.D, V8.D, V9.D, V10.D][0]
-f9c9202c|	STNP -252(R15), V18, V25
-18b8316c|	STNP -232(R0), V14, V24
-409c1cac|	STNP 912(R2), V7, V0
+f9c9202c|	VSTNP -252(R15), V18, V25
+18b8316c|	VSTNP -232(R0), V14, V24
+409c1cac|	VSTNP 912(R2), V7, V0
 73f0812c|	STP.P (V19, V28), 12(R3)
 28d0826c|	STP.P (V8, V20), 40(R1)
 9bf5bfac|	STP.P (V27, V29), -16(R12)
@@ -910,32 +910,32 @@
 6d5424ad|	STP (V13, V21), -896(R3)
 afb60f3c|	MOVD.P V15, 251(R21)
 81e7077c|	MOVD.P V1, 126(R28)
-203713bc|	MOVD.P V0, -205(R25)
-60c61ffc|	MOVD.P V0, -4(R19)
+203713bc|	FMOVS.P F0, -205(R25)
+60c61ffc|	FMOVD.P F0, -4(R19)
 d256813c|	MOVD.P V18, 21(R22)
 ffce083c|	MOVD.W V31, 140(R23)
 6d3d017c|	MOVD.W V13, 19(R11)
-52ed01bc|	MOVD.W V18, 30(R10)
-fafd11fc|	MOVD.W V26, -225(R15)
+52ed01bc|	FMOVS.W F18, 30(R10)
+fafd11fc|	FMOVD.W F26, -225(R15)
 663e9b3c|	MOVD.W V6, -77(R19)
 7d0c393d|	MOVD V29, 3651(R3)
 8f50067d|	MOVD V15, 808(R4)
-94680dbd|	MOVD V20, 3432(R4)
-b7673bfd|	MOVD V23, 30408(R29)
+94680dbd|	FMOVS F20, 3432(R4)
+b7673bfd|	FMOVD F23, 30408(R29)
 fed3a63d|	MOVD V30, 39744(RSP)
 8a6a243c|	MOVD V10, (R20)(R4)
-29493fbc|	MOVD V9, (R9)(ZR.UXTW)
-8bd93bfc|	MOVD V11, (R12)(R27.SXTW<<3)
+29493fbc|	FMOVS F9, (R9)(ZR.UXTW)
+8bd93bfc|	FMOVD F11, (R12)(R27.SXTW<<3)
 c768a93c|	MOVD V7, (R6)(R9)
 a7b00a3c|	MOVD V7, 171(R5)
 40e3107c|	MOVD V0, -242(R26)
-18911fbc|	MOVD V24, -7(R8)
-fcc007fc|	MOVD V28, 124(R7)
+18911fbc|	FMOVS F24, -7(R8)
+fcc007fc|	FMOVD F28, 124(R7)
 db12893c|	MOVD V27, 145(R22)
 1686716e|	VSUB V17.H8, V16.H8, V22.H8
 5362320e|	VSUBHN V18.H8, V18.H8, V19.B8
 6163bf4e|	VSUBHN2 V31.D2, V27.D2, V1.S4
-a73be05e|	SUQADD V29, V7
+a73be05e|	VSUQADD V29, V7
 21a4100f|	VSXTL V1.H4, V1.S4
 8b23164e|	VTBL V22.B16, [V28.B16, V29.B16], V11.B16
 3642120e|	VTBL V18.B8, [V17.B16, V18.B16, V19.B16], V22.B8
@@ -952,7 +952,7 @@
 a973ab6e|	VUABDL2 V11.S4, V29.S4, V9.D2
 fa006c2e|	VUADDL V12.H4, V7.H4, V26.S4
 da00236e|	VUADDL2 V3.B16, V6.B16, V26.H8
-ab3a306e|	UADDLV V21.B16, V11
+ab3a306e|	VUADDLV V21.B16, V11
 a312746e|	VUADDW2 V20.H8, V21.S4, V3.S4
 cee55e7f|	UCVTF $34, F14, F14
 8edb617e|	UCVTFDD F28, F14
@@ -964,43 +964,43 @@
 a800239e|	UCVTFS R5, F8
 0302639e|	UCVTFD R16, F3
 df65a42e|	VUMAX V4.S2, V14.S2, V31.S2
-29ab702e|	UMAXV V25.H4, V9
+29ab702e|	VUMAXV V25.H4, V9
 6f6e2e6e|	VUMIN V14.B16, V19.B16, V15.B16
 fdada32e|	VUMINP V3.S2, V15.S2, V29.S2
 07289a6f|	VUMLAL2 V26.S[2], V0.S4, V7.D2
 aa80ad2e|	VUMLAL V13.S2, V5.S2, V10.D2
 d66b462f|	VUMLSL V6.H[4], V30.H4, V22.S4
 12a3b62e|	VUMLSL V22.S2, V24.S2, V18.D2
-583e0d0e|	UMOVW V18.B[6], R24
+583e0d0e|	VMOV V18.B[6], R24
 20c3b52e|	VUMULL V21.S2, V25.S2, V0.D2
 20c2616e|	VUMULL2 V1.H8, V17.H8, V0.S4
-2f0f6d7e|	UQADD V13, V25, V15
+2f0f6d7e|	VUQADD V13, V25, V15
 a60c272e|	VUQADD V7.B8, V5.B8, V6.B8
-5b5da27e|	UQRSHL V2, V10, V27
+5b5da27e|	VUQRSHL V2, V10, V27
 195c786e|	VUQRSHL V24.H8, V0.H8, V25.H8
 209e282f|	VUQRSHRN $24, V17.D2, V0.S2
 e89e3b6f|	VUQRSHRN2 $5, V23.D2, V8.S4
-4f75147f|	UQSHL $4, V10, V15
+4f75147f|	VUQSHL $4, V10, V15
 d2767d6f|	VUQSHL $61, V22.D2, V18.D2
-bb4cfe7e|	UQSHL V30, V5, V27
+bb4cfe7e|	VUQSHL V30, V5, V27
 794ea42e|	VUQSHL V4.S2, V19.S2, V25.S2
-51960b7f|	UQSHRN $5, V18, V17
-642ce77e|	UQSUB V7, V3, V4
-6149617e|	UQXTN V11, V1
+51960b7f|	VUQSHRN $5, V18, V17
+642ce77e|	VUQSUB V7, V3, V4
+6149617e|	VUQXTN V11, V1
 4e48a12e|	VUQXTN V2.D2, V14.S2
 9cc8a14e|	VURECPE V4.S4, V28.S4
 2f15a52e|	VURHADD V5.S2, V9.S2, V15.S2
-5757fb7e|	URSHL V27, V26, V23
+5757fb7e|	VURSHL V27, V26, V23
 2756706e|	VURSHL V16.H8, V17.H8, V7.H8
-a424487f|	URSHR $56, V5, V4
+a424487f|	VURSHR $56, V5, V4
 b926796f|	VURSHR $7, V21.D2, V25.D2
 1336076f|	VBIC $(240<<8), V19.S4
 e347e06e|	VUSHL V0.D2, V31.D2, V3.D2
 f7a5272f|	VUSHLL $7, V15.S2, V23.D2
 9ba63d6f|	VUSHLL2 $29, V20.S4, V27.D2
-d405737f|	USHR $13, V14, V20
+d405737f|	VUSHR $13, V14, V20
 3a05116f|	VUSHR $15, V9.H8, V26.H8
-1d39607e|	USQADD V8, V29
+1d39607e|	VUSQADD V8, V29
 0e39e06e|	VUSQADD V8.D2, V14.D2
 8022b02e|	VUSUBL V16.S2, V20.S2, V0.D2
 9a20786e|	VUSUBL2 V24.H8, V4.H8, V26.S4
@@ -1359,7 +1359,7 @@
 ea42ac0e|	VADDHN V12.D2, V23.D2, V10.S2
 7d43624e|	VADDHN2 V2.S4, V27.S4, V29.H8
 2cbd710e|	VADDP V17.H4, V9.H4, V12.H4
-f5bab14e|	ADDV V23.S4, V21
+f5bab14e|	VADDV V23.S4, V21
 8158284e|	AESD V4.B16, V1.B16
 ba48284e|	AESE V5.B16, V26.B16
 0c7a284e|	AESIMC V16.B16, V12.B16
@@ -1374,13 +1374,13 @@
 284a600e|	VCLS V17.H4, V8.H4
 9a49202e|	VCLZ V12.B8, V26.B8
 d78f706e|	VCMEQ V16.H8, V30.H8, V23.H8
-7798e05e|	CMEQ $0, V3, V23
+7798e05e|	VCMEQ $0, V3, V23
 739a200e|	VCMEQ $0, V19.B8, V19.B8
 ff3f2b4e|	VCMGE V11.B16, V31.B16, V31.B16
 5337370e|	VCMGT V23.B8, V26.B8, V19.B8
 3489604e|	VCMGT $0, V9.H8, V20.H8
 083d782e|	VCMHS V24.H4, V8.H4, V8.H4
-c899e07e|	CMLE $0, V14, V8
+c899e07e|	VCMLE $0, V14, V8
 3498a06e|	VCMLE $0, V1.S4, V20.S4
 ebaa200e|	VCMLT $0, V23.B8, V11.B8
 408dfe4e|	VCMTST V30.D2, V10.D2, V0.D2
@@ -1612,16 +1612,16 @@
 4461d34c|	VLD1.P (R10)(R19), [V4.B16, V5.B16, V6.B16]
 b22edf4c|	VLD1.P 64(R21), [V18.D2, V19.D2, V20.D2, V21.D2]
 c12fcc4c|	VLD1.P (R30)(R12), [V1.D2, V2.D2, V3.D2, V4.D2]
-5a03400d|	LD1 (R26), [V26.B][0]
-8d93404d|	LD1 (R28), [V13.S][3]
-2186404d|	LD1 (R17), [V1.D][1]
-9604df4d|	LD1.P 1(R4), [V22.B][9]
-4a1dc94d|	LD1.P (R10)(R9), [V10.B][15]
-4852df4d|	LD1.P 2(R18), [V8.H][6]
-2582df4d|	LD1.P 4(R17), [V5.S][2]
-2191c84d|	LD1.P (R9)(R8), [V1.S][3]
-c284df4d|	LD1.P 8(R6), [V2.D][1]
-8f85ce0d|	LD1.P (R12)(R14), [V15.D][0]
+5a03400d|	VLD1 (R26), V26.B[0]
+8d93404d|	VLD1 (R28), V13.S[3]
+2186404d|	VLD1 (R17), V1.D[1]
+9604df4d|	VLD1.P 1(R4), V22.B[9]
+4a1dc94d|	VLD1.P (R10)(R9), V10.B[15]
+4852df4d|	VLD1.P 2(R18), V8.H[6]
+2582df4d|	VLD1.P 4(R17), V5.S[2]
+2191c84d|	VLD1.P (R9)(R8), V1.S[3]
+c284df4d|	VLD1.P 8(R6), V2.D[1]
+8f85ce0d|	VLD1.P (R12)(R14), V15.D[0]
 87cd400d|	VLD1R (R12), [V7.D1]
 3bc8df4d|	VLD1R 4(R1), [V27.S4]
 77c4dd4d|	VLD1R (R3)(R29), [V23.H8]
@@ -1672,9 +1672,9 @@
 d8e3604d|	VLD4R (R30), [V24.B16, V25.B16, V26.B16, V27.B16]
 49e9ff0d|	VLD4R 16(R10), [V9.S2, V10.S2, V11.S2, V12.S2]
 81effc0d|	VLD4R (R28)(R28), [V1.D1, V2.D1, V3.D1, V4.D1]
-893e622c|	LDNP -240(R20), V15, V9
-f90e626c|	LDNP -480(R23), V3, V25
-b0224fac|	LDNP 480(R21), V8, V16
+893e622c|	VLDNP -240(R20), V15, V9
+f90e626c|	VLDNP -480(R23), V3, V25
+b0224fac|	VLDNP 480(R21), V8, V16
 9186de2c|	LDP.P 244(R20), (V17, V1)
 e820d06c|	LDP.P 256(R7), (V8, V8)
 417de8ac|	LDP.P -768(R10), (V1, V31)
@@ -1686,28 +1686,30 @@
 998366ad|	LDP -816(R28), (V25, V0)
 7535453c|	MOVD.P 83(R11), V21
 5465477c|	MOVD.P 118(R10), V20
-a2b44bbc|	MOVD.P 187(R5), V2
-ab045bfc|	MOVD.P -80(R5), V11
+a2b44bbc|	FMOVS.P 187(R5), F2
+ab045bfc|	FMOVD.P -80(R5), F11
 0515d43c|	MOVD.P -191(R8), V5
 43ad413c|	MOVD.W 26(R10), V3
 22cd4f7c|	MOVD.W 252(R9), V2
-5fad44bc|	MOVD.W 74(R10), V31
-db7d5afc|	MOVD.W -89(R14), V27
+5fad44bc|	FMOVS.W 74(R10), F31
+db7d5afc|	FMOVD.W -89(R14), F27
 15ccd63c|	MOVD.W -148(R0), V21
 95c34b3d|	MOVD 752(R28), V21
 f5885e7d|	MOVD 3908(R7), V21
-54db66bd|	MOVD 9944(R26), V20
-46ee78fd|	MOVD 29144(R18), V6
+54db66bd|	FMOVS 9944(R26), F20
+46ee78fd|	FMOVD 29144(R18), F6
 0cc4e93d|	MOVD 42768(R0), V12
+e1c4211c|	FMOVS 69159(PC), F1
+2071c35c|	FMOVD -124023(PC), F0
 ae79703c|	MOVD (R13)(R16), V14
-38fb67bc|	MOVD (R25)(R7.SXTX<<2), V24
-3e6b6dfc|	MOVD (R25)(R13), V30
+38fb67bc|	FMOVS (R25)(R7.SXTX<<2), F24
+3e6b6dfc|	FMOVD (R25)(R13), F30
 a278ff3c|	MOVD (R5)(ZR<<4), V2
-ed02563c|	LDUR -160(R23), V13
-01c0507c|	LDUR -244(R0), V1
-7fd24ebc|	LDUR 237(R19), V31
-7a734ffc|	LDUR 247(R27), V26
-d4a3dd3c|	LDUR -38(R30), V20
+ed02563c|	VLDUR -160(R23), V13
+01c0507c|	VLDUR -244(R0), V1
+7fd24ebc|	VLDUR 237(R19), V31
+7a734ffc|	VLDUR 247(R27), V26
+d4a3dd3c|	VLDUR -38(R30), V20
 1c97250e|	VMLA V5.B8, V24.B8, V28.B8
 af97a12e|	VMLS V1.S2, V29.S2, V15.S2
 2b061f5e|	VMOV V17.B[15], V11
@@ -1718,7 +1720,7 @@
 9b75024f|	VORR $(76<<24), V27.S4
 8436020f|	VORR $(84<<8), V4.S2
 19f5010f|	FMOV $12., V25.S2
-02e5062f|	MOVI $-281470698520576, V2
+02e5062f|	VMOVI $-281470698520576, V2
 d6e5066f|	VMOVI $-281470681743616, V22.D2
 be9c240e|	VMUL V4.B8, V5.B8, V30.B8
 2659202e|	VMVN V9.B8, V6.B8
@@ -1746,7 +1748,7 @@
 2d722e0e|	VSABDL V14.B8, V17.B8, V13.H8
 1f732e4e|	VSABDL2 V14.B16, V24.B16, V31.H8
 c628604e|	VSADDLP V6.H8, V6.S4
-103b704e|	SADDLV V24.H8, V16
+103b704e|	VSADDLV V24.H8, V16
 8f122f0e|	VSADDW V15.B8, V20.H8, V15.H8
 30e6755f|	SCVTF $11, F17, F16
 73e7544f|	SCVTF $44, V27.D2, V19.D2
@@ -1773,88 +1775,88 @@
 3f3aa16e|	VSHLL2 $32, V17.S4, V31.D2
 0986394f|	VSHRN2 $7, V16.D2, V9.S4
 35276e4e|	VSHSUB V14.H8, V25.H8, V21.H8
-e2556d7f|	SLI $45, V15, V2
+e2556d7f|	VSLI $45, V15, V2
 f7541e6f|	VSLI $14, V7.H8, V23.H8
 3167630e|	VSMAX V3.H4, V25.H4, V17.H4
 68a6230e|	VSMAXP V3.B8, V19.B8, V8.B8
-a4aa304e|	SMAXV V21.B16, V4
+a4aa304e|	VSMAXV V21.B16, V4
 2520440f|	VSMLAL V4.H[0], V1.H4, V5.S4
 8c286f4f|	VSMLAL2 V15.H[6], V4.H8, V12.S4
 3a82660e|	VSMLAL V6.H4, V17.H4, V26.S4
 d92f1f0e|	SMOVW V30.B[15], R25
 912d114e|	SMOV V12.B[8], R17
-b87ae05e|	SQABS V21, V24
+b87ae05e|	VSQABS V21, V24
 2d7b200e|	VSQABS V25.B8, V13.B8
-560f645e|	SQADD V4, V26, V22
+560f645e|	VSQADD V4, V26, V22
 4f0da54e|	VSQADD V5.S4, V10.S4, V15.S4
-5992ba5e|	SQDMLAL V26, V18, V25
+5992ba5e|	VSQDMLAL V26, V18, V25
 b892684e|	VSQDMLAL2 V8.H8, V21.H8, V24.S4
-63786e5f|	SQDMLSL V14.H[6], V3, V3
+63786e5f|	VSQDMLSL V14.H[6], V3, V3
 0c79a10f|	VSQDMLSL V1.S[3], V8.S2, V12.D2
 1d73504f|	VSQDMLSL2 V0.H[1], V24.H8, V29.S4
-6cb36c5e|	SQDMLSL V12, V27, V12
+6cb36c5e|	VSQDMLSL V12, V27, V12
 82b36e4e|	VSQDMLSL2 V14.H8, V28.H8, V2.S4
 8dca5d4f|	VSQDMULH V13.H[5], V20.H8, V13.H8
 fcb6b64e|	VSQDMULH V22.S4, V23.S4, V28.S4
 d6b0974f|	VSQDMULL2 V23.S[0], V6.S4, V22.D2
 afd0b84e|	VSQDMULL2 V24.S4, V5.S4, V15.D2
-067b207e|	SQNEG V24, V6
+067b207e|	VSQNEG V24, V6
 9979606e|	VSQNEG V12.H8, V25.H8
 bfdbae0f|	VSQRDMULH V14.S[3], V29.S2, V31.S2
-c3b7a07e|	SQRDMULH V0, V30, V3
-845d3d5e|	SQRSHL V29, V12, V4
+c3b7a07e|	VSQRDMULH V0, V30, V3
+845d3d5e|	VSQRSHL V29, V12, V4
 495dba0e|	VSQRSHL V26.S2, V10.S2, V9.S2
-fa8e0d7f|	SQRSHRUN $3, V23, V26
-cf75185f|	SQSHL $8, V14, V15
+fa8e0d7f|	VSQRSHRUN $3, V23, V26
+cf75185f|	VSQSHL $8, V14, V15
 a975250f|	VSQSHL $5, V13.S2, V9.S2
-424da05e|	SQSHL V0, V10, V2
+424da05e|	VSQSHL V0, V10, V2
 464db90e|	VSQSHL V25.S2, V10.S2, V6.S2
-af656d7f|	SQSHLU $45, V13, V15
+af656d7f|	VSQSHLU $45, V13, V15
 e564436f|	VSQSHLU $3, V7.D2, V5.D2
-c1973b5f|	SQSHRN $5, V30, V1
+c1973b5f|	VSQSHRN $5, V30, V1
 d586036f|	VMVNI $118, V21.H8
-4c2ea95e|	SQSUB V9, V18, V12
+4c2ea95e|	VSQSUB V9, V18, V12
 df2efe4e|	VSQSUB V30.D2, V22.D2, V31.D2
 c149a10e|	VSQXTN V14.D2, V1.S2
-712a217e|	SQXTUN V19, V17
+712a217e|	VSQXTUN V19, V17
 9a29a12e|	VSQXTUN V12.D2, V26.S2
 6a166e0e|	VSRHADD V14.H4, V19.H4, V10.H4
-0445647f|	SRI $28, V8, V4
+0445647f|	VSRI $28, V8, V4
 6f44172f|	VSRI $9, V3.H4, V15.H4
 cd56f94e|	VSRSHL V25.D2, V22.D2, V13.D2
-12345b5f|	SRSRA $37, V0, V18
-f746fa5e|	SSHL V26, V23, V23
+12345b5f|	VSRSRA $37, V0, V18
+f746fa5e|	VSSHL V26, V23, V23
 89476c4e|	VSSHL V12.H8, V28.H8, V9.H8
 0da60e0f|	VSSHLL $6, V16.B8, V13.H8
-a504585f|	SSHR $40, V5, V5
+a504585f|	VSSHR $40, V5, V5
 3b07544f|	VSSHR $44, V25.D2, V27.D2
 3417350f|	VSSRA $11, V25.S2, V20.S2
 1a213f0e|	VSSUBL V31.B8, V8.B8, V26.H8
 1322a34e|	VSSUBL2 V3.S4, V16.S4, V19.D2
 e931b84e|	VSSUBW2 V24.S4, V15.D2, V9.D2
-dd7d004c|	VST1 (R14), [V29.D2]
-cea4000c|	VST1 (R6), [V14.H4, V15.H4]
-5a64000c|	VST1 (R2), [V26.H4, V27.H4, V28.H4]
-2b2c004c|	VST1 (R1), [V11.D2, V12.D2, V13.D2, V14.D2]
-39719f0c|	VST1 8(R9), [V25.B8]
-b771874c|	VST1 (R13)(R7), [V23.B16]
-1da39f0c|	VST1 16(R24), [V29.B8, V30.B8]
-20a0800c|	VST1 (R1)(R0), [V0.B8, V1.B8]
-5a6a9f4c|	VST1 48(R18), [V26.S4, V27.S4, V28.S4]
-0d69994c|	VST1 (R8)(R25), [V13.S4, V14.S4, V15.S4]
-7e239f0c|	VST1 32(R27), [V30.B8, V31.B8, V0.B8, V1.B8]
-9a2d8e0c|	VST1 (R12)(R14), [V26.D1, V27.D1, V28.D1, V29.D1]
-fd0b004d|	ST1 (RSP), [V29.B][10]
-1058004d|	ST1 (R0), [V16.H][7]
-0593000d|	ST1 (R24), [V5.S][1]
-3d87000d|	ST1 (R25), [V29.D][0]
-1a079f0d|	ST1 1(R24), [V26.B][1]
-421b8f4d|	ST1 (R26)(R15), [V2.B][14]
-54489f4d|	ST1 2(R2), [V20.H][5]
-c4809f4d|	ST1 4(R6), [V4.S][2]
-0481840d|	ST1 (R8)(R4), [V4.S][0]
-6b859f0d|	ST1 8(R11), [V11.D][0]
-f7878e4d|	ST1 (RSP)(R14), [V23.D][1]
+dd7d004c|	VST1 [V29.D2], (R14)
+cea4000c|	VST1 [V14.H4, V15.H4], (R6)
+5a64000c|	VST1 [V26.H4, V27.H4, V28.H4], (R2)
+2b2c004c|	VST1 [V11.D2, V12.D2, V13.D2, V14.D2], (R1)
+39719f0c|	VST1.P [V25.B8], 8(R9)
+b771874c|	VST1.P [V23.B16], (R13)(R7)
+1da39f0c|	VST1.P [V29.B8, V30.B8], 16(R24)
+20a0800c|	VST1.P [V0.B8, V1.B8], (R1)(R0)
+5a6a9f4c|	VST1.P [V26.S4, V27.S4, V28.S4], 48(R18)
+0d69994c|	VST1.P [V13.S4, V14.S4, V15.S4], (R8)(R25)
+7e239f0c|	VST1.P [V30.B8, V31.B8, V0.B8, V1.B8], 32(R27)
+9a2d8e0c|	VST1.P [V26.D1, V27.D1, V28.D1, V29.D1], (R12)(R14)
+fd0b004d|	VST1 V29.B[10], (RSP)
+1058004d|	VST1 V16.H[7], (R0)
+0593000d|	VST1 V5.S[1], (R24)
+3d87000d|	VST1 V29.D[0], (R25)
+1a079f0d|	VST1.P V26.B[1], 1(R24)
+421b8f4d|	VST1.P V2.B[14], (R26)(R15)
+54489f4d|	VST1.P V20.H[5], 2(R2)
+c4809f4d|	VST1.P V4.S[2], 4(R6)
+0481840d|	VST1.P V4.S[0], (R8)(R4)
+6b859f0d|	VST1.P V11.D[0], 8(R11)
+f7878e4d|	VST1.P V23.D[1], (RSP)(R14)
 e788004c|	VST2 (R7), [V7.S4, V8.S4]
 79889f0c|	VST2 16(R3), [V25.S2, V26.S2]
 a502204d|	ST2 (R21), [V5.B, V6.B][8]
@@ -1895,9 +1897,9 @@
 1ba3ae0d|	ST4 (R24)(R14), [V27.S, V28.S, V29.S, V30.S][0]
 93a4bf0d|	ST4 32(R4), [V19.D, V20.D, V21.D, V22.D][0]
 50a6b80d|	ST4 (R18)(R24), [V16.D, V17.D, V18.D, V19.D][0]
-79b53d2c|	STNP -20(R11), V13, V25
-d895326c|	STNP -216(R14), V5, V24
-d1810dac|	STNP 432(R14), V0, V17
+79b53d2c|	VSTNP -20(R11), V13, V25
+d895326c|	VSTNP -216(R14), V5, V24
+d1810dac|	VSTNP 432(R14), V0, V17
 08728c2c|	STP.P (V8, V28), 96(R16)
 ac1ba16c|	STP.P (V12, V6), -496(R29)
 f4fab1ac|	STP.P (V20, V30), -464(R23)
@@ -1909,32 +1911,32 @@
 753c11ad|	STP (V21, V15), 544(R3)
 54e4033c|	MOVD.P V20, 62(R2)
 aa54137c|	MOVD.P V10, -203(R5)
-c9d615bc|	MOVD.P V9, -163(R22)
-fc471efc|	MOVD.P V28, -28(RSP)
+c9d615bc|	FMOVS.P F9, -163(R22)
+fc471efc|	FMOVD.P F28, -28(RSP)
 20f78d3c|	MOVD.P V0, 223(R25)
 028d1b3c|	MOVD.W V2, -72(R8)
 35be037c|	MOVD.W V21, 59(R17)
-b98c15bc|	MOVD.W V25, -168(R5)
-fd1e11fc|	MOVD.W V29, -239(R23)
+b98c15bc|	FMOVS.W F25, -168(R5)
+fd1e11fc|	FMOVD.W F29, -239(R23)
 13ec9a3c|	MOVD.W V19, -82(R0)
 b12d123d|	MOVD V17, 1163(R13)
 d6500b7d|	MOVD V22, 1448(R6)
-d46e39bd|	MOVD V20, 14700(R22)
-b84f30fd|	MOVD V24, 24728(R29)
+d46e39bd|	FMOVS F20, 14700(R22)
+b84f30fd|	FMOVD F24, 24728(R29)
 3cee993d|	MOVD V28, 26544(R17)
 4348293c|	MOVD V3, (R2)(R9.UXTW)
 ed7b253c|	MOVD V13, (RSP)(R5)
 8fc9357c|	MOVD V15, (R12)(R21.SXTW)
-87f832bc|	MOVD V7, (R4)(R18.SXTX<<2)
-f1ea38fc|	MOVD V17, (R23)(R24.SXTX)
+87f832bc|	FMOVS F7, (R4)(R18.SXTX<<2)
+f1ea38fc|	FMOVD F17, (R23)(R24.SXTX)
 1c68a43c|	MOVD V28, (R0)(R4)
 dcb1023c|	MOVD V28, 43(R14)
 6701117c|	MOVD V7, -240(R11)
-85b11bbc|	MOVD V5, -69(R12)
-8ea10efc|	MOVD V14, 234(R12)
+85b11bbc|	FMOVS F5, -69(R12)
+8ea10efc|	FMOVD F14, 234(R12)
 eab08f3c|	MOVD V10, 251(R7)
 ca876a2e|	VSUB V10.H4, V30.H4, V10.H4
-603be05e|	SUQADD V27, V0
+603be05e|	VSUQADD V27, V0
 513a600e|	VSUQADD V18.H4, V17.H4
 25231c4e|	VTBL V28.B16, [V25.B16, V26.B16], V5.B16
 8c40100e|	VTBL V16.B8, [V4.B16, V5.B16, V6.B16], V12.B8
@@ -1953,7 +1955,7 @@
 5401312e|	VUADDL V17.B8, V10.B8, V20.H8
 d103286e|	VUADDL2 V8.B16, V30.B16, V17.H8
 a92a206e|	VUADDLP V21.B16, V9.H8
-b839706e|	UADDLV V13.H8, V24
+b839706e|	VUADDLV V13.H8, V24
 ea106d2e|	VUADDW V13.H4, V7.S4, V10.S4
 c010726e|	VUADDW2 V18.H8, V6.S4, V0.S4
 e7e5517f|	UCVTF $47, F15, F7
@@ -1969,7 +1971,7 @@
 ec04606e|	VUHADD V0.H8, V7.H8, V12.H8
 3f65782e|	VUMAX V24.H4, V9.H4, V31.H4
 afa6232e|	VUMAXP V3.B8, V21.B8, V15.B8
-cdaa706e|	UMAXV V22.H8, V13
+cdaa706e|	VUMAXV V22.H8, V13
 736c236e|	VUMIN V3.B16, V3.B16, V19.B16
 a0afa62e|	VUMINP V6.S2, V29.S2, V0.S2
 3c229e2f|	VUMLAL V30.S[0], V17.S2, V28.D2
@@ -1977,35 +1979,35 @@
 6c80392e|	VUMLAL V25.B8, V3.B8, V12.H8
 4f60692f|	VUMLSL V9.H[2], V2.H4, V15.S4
 61a1606e|	VUMLSL2 V0.H8, V11.H8, V1.S4
-183e0b0e|	UMOVW V16.B[5], R24
+183e0b0e|	VMOV V16.B[5], R24
 c0a89b6f|	VUMULL2 V27.S[2], V6.S4, V0.D2
 36c0736e|	VUMULL2 V19.H8, V1.H8, V22.S4
-120d757e|	UQADD V21, V8, V18
+120d757e|	VUQADD V21, V8, V18
 3a0c2e2e|	VUQADD V14.B8, V1.B8, V26.B8
-0d5d617e|	UQRSHL V1, V8, V13
+0d5d617e|	VUQRSHL V1, V8, V13
 4d5cb16e|	VUQRSHL V17.S4, V2.S4, V13.S4
 439c382f|	VUQRSHRN $8, V2.D2, V3.S2
-9d745c7f|	UQSHL $28, V4, V29
+9d745c7f|	VUQSHL $28, V4, V29
 7b76656f|	VUQSHL $37, V19.D2, V27.D2
-774ef37e|	UQSHL V19, V19, V23
+774ef37e|	VUQSHL V19, V19, V23
 124eb32e|	VUQSHL V19.S2, V16.S2, V18.S2
 bc961f6f|	VUQSHRN2 $1, V21.S4, V28.H8
-a62ce07e|	UQSUB V0, V5, V6
+a62ce07e|	VUQSUB V0, V5, V6
 0f2dae2e|	VUQSUB V14.S2, V8.S2, V15.S2
-b24b217e|	UQXTN V29, V18
+b24b217e|	VUQXTN V29, V18
 f148216e|	VUQXTN2 V7.H8, V17.B16
 7d15a42e|	VURHADD V4.S2, V11.S2, V29.S2
 9055fc6e|	VURSHL V28.D2, V12.D2, V16.D2
-eb275e7f|	URSHR $34, V31, V11
-c0347c7f|	URSRA $4, V6, V0
-fe44e97e|	USHL V9, V7, V30
+eb275e7f|	VURSHR $34, V31, V11
+c0347c7f|	VURSRA $4, V6, V0
+fe44e97e|	VUSHL V9, V7, V30
 fa47e86e|	VUSHL V8.D2, V31.D2, V26.D2
 95a7262f|	VUSHLL $6, V28.S2, V21.D2
 9ca7096f|	VUSHLL2 $1, V28.B16, V28.H8
-8a07527f|	USHR $46, V28, V10
+8a07527f|	VUSHR $46, V28, V10
 c7076b6f|	VUSHR $21, V30.D2, V7.D2
-8d39e07e|	USQADD V12, V13
-f716727f|	USRA $14, V23, V23
+8d39e07e|	VUSQADD V12, V13
+f716727f|	VUSRA $14, V23, V23
 3f14066f|	VBIC $193, V31.S4
 b423ac2e|	VUSUBL V12.S2, V29.S2, V20.D2
 7c22736e|	VUSUBL2 V19.H8, V19.H8, V28.S4
@@ -2367,7 +2369,7 @@
 5642740e|	VADDHN V20.S4, V18.S4, V22.H4
 3743294e|	VADDHN2 V9.H8, V25.H8, V23.B16
 2abef74e|	VADDP V23.D2, V17.D2, V10.D2
-18bbb14e|	ADDV V24.S4, V24
+18bbb14e|	VADDV V24.S4, V24
 1a59284e|	AESD V8.B16, V26.B16
 cf48284e|	AESE V6.B16, V15.B16
 557a284e|	AESIMC V18.B16, V21.B16
@@ -2381,19 +2383,19 @@
 701f6b2e|	VBSL V11.B8, V27.B8, V16.B8
 7c4b600e|	VCLS V27.H4, V28.H4
 ce4a602e|	VCLZ V22.H4, V14.H4
-d08de37e|	CMEQ V3, V14, V16
+d08de37e|	VCMEQ V3, V14, V16
 e98db96e|	VCMEQ V25.S4, V15.S4, V9.S4
 6e99a00e|	VCMEQ $0, V11.S2, V14.S2
 933d304e|	VCMGE V16.B16, V12.B16, V19.B16
-0e88e07e|	CMGE $0, V0, V14
+0e88e07e|	VCMGE $0, V0, V14
 9b89202e|	VCMGE $0, V12.B8, V27.B8
 6a372f4e|	VCMGT V15.B16, V27.B16, V10.B16
-128be05e|	CMGT $0, V24, V18
+128be05e|	VCMGT $0, V24, V18
 9189a00e|	VCMGT $0, V12.S2, V17.S2
-f734e67e|	CMHI V6, V7, V23
+f734e67e|	VCMHI V6, V7, V23
 4d36b82e|	VCMHI V24.S2, V18.S2, V13.S2
 003e2b2e|	VCMHS V11.B8, V16.B8, V0.B8
-729ae07e|	CMLE $0, V19, V18
+729ae07e|	VCMLE $0, V19, V18
 3699206e|	VCMLE $0, V9.B16, V22.B16
 d1ab600e|	VCMLT $0, V30.H4, V17.H4
 ad8e244e|	VCMTST V4.B16, V21.B16, V13.B16
@@ -2623,17 +2625,17 @@
 4c64db0c|	VLD1.P (R2)(R27), [V12.H4, V13.H4, V14.H4]
 3f2adf4c|	VLD1.P 64(R17), [V31.S4, V0.S4, V1.S4, V2.S4]
 b329ce4c|	VLD1.P (R13)(R14), [V19.S4, V20.S4, V21.S4, V22.S4]
-aa02400d|	LD1 (R21), [V10.B][0]
-7980404d|	LD1 (R3), [V25.S][2]
-5884404d|	LD1 (R2), [V24.D][1]
-f203df4d|	LD1.P 1(RSP), [V18.B][8]
-3519c40d|	LD1.P (R9)(R4), [V21.B][6]
-ed59df0d|	LD1.P 2(R15), [V13.H][3]
-9e52d90d|	LD1.P (R20)(R25), [V30.H][2]
-cd93df4d|	LD1.P 4(R30), [V13.S][3]
-5982cb4d|	LD1.P (R18)(R11), [V25.S][2]
-4f84df4d|	LD1.P 8(R2), [V15.D][1]
-2d85d50d|	LD1.P (R9)(R21), [V13.D][0]
+aa02400d|	VLD1 (R21), V10.B[0]
+7980404d|	VLD1 (R3), V25.S[2]
+5884404d|	VLD1 (R2), V24.D[1]
+f203df4d|	VLD1.P 1(RSP), V18.B[8]
+3519c40d|	VLD1.P (R9)(R4), V21.B[6]
+ed59df0d|	VLD1.P 2(R15), V13.H[3]
+9e52d90d|	VLD1.P (R20)(R25), V30.H[2]
+cd93df4d|	VLD1.P 4(R30), V13.S[3]
+5982cb4d|	VLD1.P (R18)(R11), V25.S[2]
+4f84df4d|	VLD1.P 8(R2), V15.D[1]
+2d85d50d|	VLD1.P (R9)(R21), V13.D[0]
 33c2400d|	VLD1R (R17), [V19.B8]
 e2c8df4d|	VLD1R 4(R7), [V2.S4]
 83c2c44d|	VLD1R (R20)(R4), [V3.B16]
@@ -2686,9 +2688,9 @@
 b9ee600d|	VLD4R (R21), [V25.D1, V26.D1, V27.D1, V28.D1]
 03e8ff0d|	VLD4R 16(R0), [V3.S2, V4.S2, V5.S2, V6.S2]
 e7e3f24d|	VLD4R (RSP)(R18), [V7.B16, V8.B16, V9.B16, V10.B16]
-451a4e2c|	LDNP 112(R18), V6, V5
-01236f6c|	LDNP -272(R24), V8, V1
-204041ac|	LDNP 32(R1), V16, V0
+451a4e2c|	VLDNP 112(R18), V6, V5
+01236f6c|	VLDNP -272(R24), V8, V1
+204041ac|	VLDNP 32(R1), V16, V0
 1b21cc2c|	LDP.P 96(R8), (V27, V8)
 41ccc06c|	LDP.P 8(R2), (V1, V19)
 65b8e6ac|	LDP.P -816(R3), (V5, V14)
@@ -2700,39 +2702,41 @@
 17ea6bad|	LDP -656(R16), (V23, V26)
 4e14433c|	MOVD.P 49(R2), V14
 cd844e7c|	MOVD.P 232(R6), V13
-99945dbc|	MOVD.P -39(R4), V25
-170556fc|	MOVD.P -160(R8), V23
+99945dbc|	FMOVS.P -39(R4), F25
+170556fc|	FMOVD.P -160(R8), F23
 3115d53c|	MOVD.P -175(R9), V17
 3c6d403c|	MOVD.W 6(R9), V28
 f8fc527c|	MOVD.W -209(R7), V24
-776c58bc|	MOVD.W -122(R3), V23
-075f57fc|	MOVD.W -139(R24), V7
+776c58bc|	FMOVS.W -122(R3), F23
+075f57fc|	FMOVD.W -139(R24), F7
 28cdc33c|	MOVD.W 60(R9), V8
 40a15f3d|	MOVD 2024(R10), V0
 3b8c597d|	MOVD 3270(R1), V27
-28f958bd|	MOVD 6392(R9), V8
-852d6ffd|	MOVD 24152(R12), V5
+28f958bd|	FMOVS 6392(R9), F8
+852d6ffd|	FMOVD 24152(R12), F5
 e149ea3d|	MOVD 43296(R15), V1
+807f7c1c|	FMOVS 254972(PC), F0
+e7a61c5c|	FMOVD 58679(PC), F7
 4bca773c|	MOVD (R18)(R23.SXTW), V11
 8d69623c|	MOVD (R12)(R2), V13
 cef8797c|	MOVD (R6)(R25.SXTX<<1), V14
-b7497bfc|	MOVD (R13)(R27.UXTW), V23
+b7497bfc|	FMOVD (R13)(R27.UXTW), F23
 dbdbfc3c|	MOVD (R30)(R28.SXTW<<4), V27
-1a60553c|	LDUR -170(R0), V26
-74f3477c|	LDUR 127(R27), V20
-f46249bc|	LDUR 150(R23), V20
-b8015bfc|	LDUR -80(R13), V24
-3372de3c|	LDUR -25(R17), V19
+1a60553c|	VLDUR -170(R0), V26
+74f3477c|	VLDUR 127(R27), V20
+f46249bc|	VLDUR 150(R23), V20
+b8015bfc|	VLDUR -80(R13), V24
+3372de3c|	VLDUR -25(R17), V19
 04972c0e|	VMLA V12.B8, V24.B8, V4.B8
 f0051b5e|	VMOV V15.B[13], V16
 7f76146e|	VMOV V19.S[3], V31.S[2]
 6c1cb60e|	VORR V22.B8, V3.B8, V12.B8
-ae3f1e0e|	UMOVW V29.H[7], R14
+ae3f1e0e|	VMOV V29.H[7], R14
 f8e5004f|	VMOVI $15, V24.B16
 0355010f|	VORR $(40<<16), V3.S2
 4825020f|	VMOVI $(74<<8), V8.S2
 64d7040f|	VMOVI $(155<<144), V4.S2
-46e6062f|	MOVI $-280379759984896, V6
+46e6062f|	VMOVI $-280379759984896, V6
 bde6056f|	VMOVI $-71776123339472641, V29.D2
 789f350e|	VMUL V21.B8, V27.B8, V24.B8
 7b5b202e|	VMVN V27.B8, V27.B8
@@ -2787,11 +2791,11 @@
 783b616e|	VSHLL2 $16, V27.H8, V24.S4
 48841b0f|	VSHRN $5, V2.S4, V8.H4
 a924bc4e|	VSHSUB V28.S4, V5.S4, V9.S4
-1557717f|	SLI $49, V24, V21
+1557717f|	VSLI $49, V24, V21
 2a56456f|	VSLI $5, V17.D2, V10.D2
 7c663b0e|	VSMAX V27.B8, V19.B8, V28.B8
 b5a7694e|	VSMAXP V9.H8, V29.H8, V21.H8
-8ea8b04e|	SMAXV V4.S4, V14
+8ea8b04e|	VSMAXV V4.S4, V14
 936cb44e|	VSMIN V20.S4, V4.S4, V19.S4
 15af7e4e|	VSMINP V30.H8, V24.H8, V21.H8
 3e81694e|	VSMLAL2 V9.H8, V9.H8, V30.S4
@@ -2800,74 +2804,74 @@
 e1a0540f|	VSMULL V4.H[1], V7.H4, V1.S4
 5eaa604f|	VSMULL2 V0.H[6], V18.H8, V30.S4
 4cc32d4e|	VSMULL2 V13.B16, V26.B16, V12.H8
-1e7a205e|	SQABS V16, V30
+1e7a205e|	VSQABS V16, V30
 e67ae04e|	VSQABS V23.D2, V6.D2
-a80ded5e|	SQADD V13, V13, V8
+a80ded5e|	VSQADD V13, V13, V8
 e60dae4e|	VSQADD V14.S4, V15.S4, V6.S4
 fe33570f|	VSQDMLAL V7.H[1], V31.H4, V30.S4
 ee90b64e|	VSQDMLAL2 V22.S4, V7.S4, V14.D2
-ce79a05f|	SQDMLSL V0.S[3], V14, V14
+ce79a05f|	VSQDMLSL V0.S[3], V14, V14
 d5b2a14e|	VSQDMLSL2 V1.S4, V22.S4, V21.D2
-51cb575f|	SQDMULH V7.H[5], V26, V17
+51cb575f|	VSQDMULH V7.H[5], V26, V17
 0cb5b54e|	VSQDMULH V21.S4, V8.S4, V12.S4
 95d0760e|	VSQDMULL V22.H4, V4.H4, V21.S4
 a1d37c4e|	VSQDMULL2 V28.H8, V29.H8, V1.S4
-d679e07e|	SQNEG V14, V22
+d679e07e|	VSQNEG V14, V22
 3f78602e|	VSQNEG V1.H4, V31.H4
-80b4717e|	SQRDMULH V17, V4, V0
+80b4717e|	VSQRDMULH V17, V4, V0
 4cb76e2e|	VSQRDMULH V14.H4, V26.H4, V12.H4
-aa5ce95e|	SQRSHL V9, V5, V10
+aa5ce95e|	VSQRSHL V9, V5, V10
 d25fb74e|	VSQRSHL V23.S4, V30.S4, V18.S4
 998c0c6f|	VSQRSHRUN2 $4, V4.H8, V25.B16
-4375605f|	SQSHL $32, V10, V3
+4375605f|	VSQSHL $32, V10, V3
 de743f0f|	VSQSHL $31, V6.S2, V30.S2
-a84d675e|	SQSHL V7, V13, V8
+a84d675e|	VSQSHL V7, V13, V8
 674dbe4e|	VSQSHL V30.S4, V11.S4, V7.S4
-5165587f|	SQSHLU $24, V10, V17
+5165587f|	VSQSHLU $24, V10, V17
 b464042f|	VMVNI $(133<<24), V20.S2
-2086207f|	SQSHRUN $32, V17, V0
+2086207f|	VSQSHRUN $32, V17, V0
 8a851a2f|	VSQSHRUN $6, V12.S4, V10.H4
-652c255e|	SQSUB V5, V3, V5
+652c255e|	VSQSUB V5, V3, V5
 632eb30e|	VSQSUB V19.S2, V19.S2, V3.S2
-104ba15e|	SQXTN V24, V16
+104ba15e|	VSQXTN V24, V16
 2249214e|	VSQXTN2 V9.H8, V2.B16
 1c14360e|	VSRHADD V22.B8, V0.B8, V28.B8
 8044076f|	VMVNI $(228<<16), V0.S4
-3a57ed5e|	SRSHL V13, V25, V26
+3a57ed5e|	VSRSHL V13, V25, V26
 2c56ef4e|	VSRSHL V15.D2, V17.D2, V12.D2
 9627140f|	VSRSHR $12, V28.H4, V22.H4
-bd37565f|	SRSRA $42, V29, V29
+bd37565f|	VSRSRA $42, V29, V29
 db34594f|	VSRSRA $39, V6.D2, V27.D2
 4546a10e|	VSSHL V1.S2, V18.S2, V5.S2
 aca7020f|	VMOVI $(93<<8), V12.H4
-e004675f|	SSHR $25, V7, V0
+e004675f|	VSSHR $25, V7, V0
 e5057f4f|	VSSHR $1, V15.D2, V5.D2
-1b15595f|	SSRA $39, V8, V27
+1b15595f|	VSSRA $39, V8, V27
 ba15250f|	VSSRA $27, V13.S2, V26.S2
 3620330e|	VSSUBL V19.B8, V1.B8, V22.H8
 c1316d4e|	VSSUBW2 V13.H8, V14.S4, V1.S4
-8a76000c|	VST1 (R20), [V10.H4]
-10a5004c|	VST1 (R8), [V16.H8, V17.H8]
-ab6b004c|	VST1 (R29), [V11.S4, V12.S4, V13.S4]
-8d2b004c|	VST1 (R28), [V13.S4, V14.S4, V15.S4, V16.S4]
-8d7d9f0c|	VST1 8(R12), [V13.D1]
-eb73840c|	VST1 (RSP)(R4), [V11.B8]
-48a69f4c|	VST1 32(R18), [V8.H8, V9.H8]
-dca19b4c|	VST1 (R14)(R27), [V28.B16, V29.B16]
-7c699f4c|	VST1 48(R11), [V28.S4, V29.S4, V30.S4]
-da6d870c|	VST1 (R14)(R7), [V26.D1, V27.D1, V28.D1]
-7f279f0c|	VST1 32(R27), [V31.H4, V0.H4, V1.H4, V2.H4]
-4421810c|	VST1 (R10)(R1), [V4.B8, V5.B8, V6.B8, V7.B8]
-a615004d|	ST1 (R13), [V6.B][13]
-ce92000d|	ST1 (R22), [V14.S][1]
-c985000d|	ST1 (R14), [V9.D][0]
-380f9f0d|	ST1 1(R25), [V24.B][3]
-de0b944d|	ST1 (R30)(R20), [V30.B][10]
-3141880d|	ST1 (R9)(R8), [V17.H][0]
-8e939f0d|	ST1 4(R28), [V14.S][1]
-c890870d|	ST1 (R6)(R7), [V8.S][1]
-9f869f4d|	ST1 8(R20), [V31.D][1]
-38879b4d|	ST1 (R25)(R27), [V24.D][1]
+8a76000c|	VST1 [V10.H4], (R20)
+10a5004c|	VST1 [V16.H8, V17.H8], (R8)
+ab6b004c|	VST1 [V11.S4, V12.S4, V13.S4], (R29)
+8d2b004c|	VST1 [V13.S4, V14.S4, V15.S4, V16.S4], (R28)
+8d7d9f0c|	VST1.P [V13.D1], 8(R12)
+eb73840c|	VST1.P [V11.B8], (RSP)(R4)
+48a69f4c|	VST1.P [V8.H8, V9.H8], 32(R18)
+dca19b4c|	VST1.P [V28.B16, V29.B16], (R14)(R27)
+7c699f4c|	VST1.P [V28.S4, V29.S4, V30.S4], 48(R11)
+da6d870c|	VST1.P [V26.D1, V27.D1, V28.D1], (R14)(R7)
+7f279f0c|	VST1.P [V31.H4, V0.H4, V1.H4, V2.H4], 32(R27)
+4421810c|	VST1.P [V4.B8, V5.B8, V6.B8, V7.B8], (R10)(R1)
+a615004d|	VST1 V6.B[13], (R13)
+ce92000d|	VST1 V14.S[1], (R22)
+c985000d|	VST1 V9.D[0], (R14)
+380f9f0d|	VST1.P V24.B[3], 1(R25)
+de0b944d|	VST1.P V30.B[10], (R30)(R20)
+3141880d|	VST1.P V17.H[0], (R9)(R8)
+8e939f0d|	VST1.P V14.S[1], 4(R28)
+c890870d|	VST1.P V8.S[1], (R6)(R7)
+9f869f4d|	VST1.P V31.D[1], 8(R20)
+38879b4d|	VST1.P V24.D[1], (R25)(R27)
 4181004c|	VST2 (R10), [V1.B16, V2.B16]
 d6819f0c|	VST2 16(R14), [V22.B8, V23.B8]
 bf808a0c|	VST2 (R5)(R10), [V31.B8, V0.B8]
@@ -2908,9 +2912,9 @@
 c7b1a90d|	ST4 (R14)(R9), [V7.S, V8.S, V9.S, V10.S][1]
 9fa4bf4d|	ST4 32(R4), [V31.D, V0.D, V1.D, V2.D][1]
 70a4ab4d|	ST4 (R3)(R11), [V16.D, V17.D, V18.D, V19.D][1]
-89fe2e2c|	STNP -140(R20), V31, V9
-bfd31d6c|	STNP 472(R29), V20, V31
-ddf301ac|	STNP 48(R30), V28, V29
+89fe2e2c|	VSTNP -140(R20), V31, V9
+bfd31d6c|	VSTNP 472(R29), V20, V31
+ddf301ac|	VSTNP 48(R30), V28, V29
 14f6ac2c|	STP.P (V20, V29), -156(R16)
 251db76c|	STP.P (V5, V7), -144(R9)
 e51fb7ac|	STP.P (V5, V7), -288(RSP)
@@ -2922,18 +2926,18 @@
 55f105ad|	STP (V21, V28), 176(R10)
 4dd6003c|	MOVD.P V13, 13(R18)
 e357067c|	MOVD.P V3, 101(RSP)
-f6841dbc|	MOVD.P V22, -40(R7)
-54b710fc|	MOVD.P V20, -245(R26)
+f6841dbc|	FMOVS.P F22, -40(R7)
+54b710fc|	FMOVD.P F20, -245(R26)
 0d07833c|	MOVD.P V13, 48(R24)
 393f003c|	MOVD.W V25, 3(R25)
 1fac007c|	MOVD.W V31, 10(R0)
-d41d13bc|	MOVD.W V20, -207(R14)
-908f0dfc|	MOVD.W V16, 216(R28)
+d41d13bc|	FMOVS.W F20, -207(R14)
+908f0dfc|	FMOVD.W F16, 216(R28)
 5ded9d3c|	MOVD.W V29, -34(R10)
 6d72073d|	MOVD V13, 476(R19)
 68752d7d|	MOVD V8, 5818(R11)
-084728bd|	MOVD V8, 10308(R24)
-409503fd|	MOVD V0, 1832(R10)
+084728bd|	FMOVS F8, 10308(R24)
+409503fd|	FMOVD F0, 1832(R10)
 58a1963d|	MOVD V24, 23168(R10)
 51c8253c|	MOVD V17, (R2)(R5.SXTW)
 967b313c|	MOVD V22, (R28)(R17)
@@ -2941,12 +2945,12 @@
 64d9a33c|	MOVD V4, (R11)(R3.SXTW<<4)
 e5e1143c|	MOVD V5, -178(R15)
 99901e7c|	MOVD V25, -23(R4)
-bb0012bc|	MOVD V27, -224(R5)
-1d710cfc|	MOVD V29, 199(R8)
+bb0012bc|	FMOVS F27, -224(R5)
+1d710cfc|	FMOVD F29, 199(R8)
 17e1873c|	MOVD V23, 126(R8)
 ed84a26e|	VSUB V2.S4, V7.S4, V13.S4
 7761b80e|	VSUBHN V24.D2, V11.D2, V23.S2
-f838205e|	SUQADD V7, V24
+f838205e|	VSUQADD V7, V24
 7739600e|	VSUQADD V11.H4, V23.H4
 26a5204f|	VSXTL2 V9.S4, V6.D2
 5a201a4e|	VTBL V26.B16, [V2.B16, V3.B16], V26.B16
@@ -2979,39 +2983,39 @@
 3406b82e|	VUHADD V24.S2, V17.S2, V20.S2
 9264612e|	VUMAX V1.H4, V4.H4, V18.H4
 d9a5772e|	VUMAXP V23.H4, V14.H4, V25.H4
-74a8b06e|	UMAXV V3.S4, V20
-24a8312e|	UMINV V1.B8, V4
+74a8b06e|	VUMAXV V3.S4, V20
+24a8312e|	VUMINV V1.B8, V4
 c5218e2f|	VUMLAL V14.S[0], V14.S2, V5.D2
 3d20a76f|	VUMLAL2 V7.S[1], V1.S4, V29.D2
 90817e6e|	VUMLAL2 V30.H8, V12.H8, V16.S4
 0f69a46f|	VUMLSL2 V4.S[3], V8.S4, V15.D2
 4aa27c2e|	VUMLSL V28.H4, V18.H4, V10.S4
 48a27b6e|	VUMLSL2 V27.H8, V18.H8, V8.S4
-833c0d0e|	UMOVW V4.B[6], R3
+833c0d0e|	VMOV V4.B[6], R3
 e2a1b22f|	VUMULL V18.S[1], V15.S2, V2.D2
 07c06f2e|	VUMULL V15.H4, V0.H4, V7.S4
-470e367e|	UQADD V22, V18, V7
+470e367e|	VUQADD V22, V18, V7
 490e252e|	VUQADD V5.B8, V18.B8, V9.B8
-bf5eaa7e|	UQRSHL V10, V21, V31
-c49c347f|	UQRSHRN $12, V6, V4
-b4757a7f|	UQSHL $58, V13, V20
-d14f777e|	UQSHL V23, V30, V17
-9e2d7a7e|	UQSUB V26, V12, V30
+bf5eaa7e|	VUQRSHL V10, V21, V31
+c49c347f|	VUQRSHRN $12, V6, V4
+b4757a7f|	VUQSHL $58, V13, V20
+d14f777e|	VUQSHL V23, V30, V17
+9e2d7a7e|	VUQSUB V26, V12, V30
 a62c296e|	VUQSUB V9.B16, V5.B16, V6.B16
-5d4ba17e|	UQXTN V26, V29
+5d4ba17e|	VUQXTN V26, V29
 454b212e|	VUQXTN V26.H8, V5.B8
 1c48a16e|	VUQXTN2 V0.D2, V28.S4
 4157736e|	VURSHL V19.H8, V26.H8, V1.H8
-2d26797f|	URSHR $7, V17, V13
+2d26797f|	VURSHR $7, V17, V13
 bd27466f|	VURSHR $58, V29.D2, V29.D2
 bcc8a12e|	VURSQRTE V5.S2, V28.S2
-f5345d7f|	URSRA $35, V7, V21
+f5345d7f|	VURSRA $35, V7, V21
 f8353a6f|	VURSRA $6, V15.S4, V24.S4
 85a6342f|	VUSHLL $20, V20.S2, V5.D2
 e7a70e6f|	VUSHLL2 $6, V31.B16, V7.H8
-ed04787f|	USHR $8, V7, V13
+ed04787f|	VUSHR $8, V7, V13
 8f07362f|	VUSHR $10, V28.S2, V15.S2
-963a607e|	USQADD V20, V22
+963a607e|	VUSQADD V20, V22
 383a206e|	VUSQADD V17.B16, V24.B16
 ef16596f|	VUSRA $39, V23.D2, V15.D2
 f222ab2e|	VUSUBL V11.S2, V23.S2, V18.D2
@@ -3372,7 +3376,7 @@
 7f2003d5|	WFI
 3f2003d5|	YIELD
 71b9604e|	VABS V11.H8, V17.H8
-5186f65e|	ADD V22, V18, V17
+5186f65e|	VADD V22, V18, V17
 4986f34e|	VADD V19.D2, V18.D2, V9.D2
 1243720e|	VADDHN V18.S4, V24.S4, V18.H4
 0640354e|	VADDHN2 V21.H8, V0.H8, V6.B16
@@ -3390,7 +3394,7 @@
 6f1d6c2e|	VBSL V12.B8, V11.B8, V15.B8
 1e48600e|	VCLS V0.H4, V30.H4
 6948202e|	VCLZ V3.B8, V9.B8
-968efd7e|	CMEQ V29, V20, V22
+968efd7e|	VCMEQ V29, V20, V22
 e58f6d6e|	VCMEQ V13.H8, V31.H8, V5.H8
 8f98600e|	VCMEQ $0, V4.H4, V15.H4
 4f3db84e|	VCMGE V24.S4, V10.S4, V15.S4
@@ -3401,7 +3405,7 @@
 d83eff6e|	VCMHS V31.D2, V22.D2, V24.D2
 cb99206e|	VCMLE $0, V14.B16, V11.B16
 29a9604e|	VCMLT $0, V9.H8, V9.H8
-d18eea5e|	CMTST V10, V22, V17
+d18eea5e|	VCMTST V10, V22, V17
 d18ea94e|	VCMTST V9.S4, V22.S4, V17.S4
 4a04075e|	VMOV V2.B[3], V10
 0504040e|	VDUP V0.S[0], V5.S2
@@ -3629,17 +3633,17 @@
 b362d74c|	VLD1.P (R21)(R23), [V19.B16, V20.B16, V21.B16]
 6d22df0c|	VLD1.P 32(R19), [V13.B8, V14.B8, V15.B8, V16.B8]
 6722c90c|	VLD1.P (R19)(R9), [V7.B8, V8.B8, V9.B8, V10.B8]
-c71f404d|	LD1 (R30), [V7.B][15]
-f55a400d|	LD1 (R23), [V21.H][3]
-f080400d|	LD1 (R7), [V16.S][0]
-ed84404d|	LD1 (R7), [V13.D][1]
-fd0bdf4d|	LD1.P 1(RSP), [V29.B][10]
-c811dc0d|	LD1.P (R14)(R28), [V8.B][4]
-6548cb4d|	LD1.P (R3)(R11), [V5.H][5]
-9882df4d|	LD1.P 4(R20), [V24.S][2]
-f482c74d|	LD1.P (R23)(R7), [V20.S][2]
-0d87df0d|	LD1.P 8(R24), [V13.D][0]
-1b85db0d|	LD1.P (R8)(R27), [V27.D][0]
+c71f404d|	VLD1 (R30), V7.B[15]
+f55a400d|	VLD1 (R23), V21.H[3]
+f080400d|	VLD1 (R7), V16.S[0]
+ed84404d|	VLD1 (R7), V13.D[1]
+fd0bdf4d|	VLD1.P 1(RSP), V29.B[10]
+c811dc0d|	VLD1.P (R14)(R28), V8.B[4]
+6548cb4d|	VLD1.P (R3)(R11), V5.H[5]
+9882df4d|	VLD1.P 4(R20), V24.S[2]
+f482c74d|	VLD1.P (R23)(R7), V20.S[2]
+0d87df0d|	VLD1.P 8(R24), V13.D[0]
+1b85db0d|	VLD1.P (R8)(R27), V27.D[0]
 58c3404d|	VLD1R (R26), [V24.B16]
 c0c6df4d|	VLD1R 2(R22), [V0.H8]
 a6cec90d|	VLD1R (R21)(R9), [V6.D1]
@@ -3690,9 +3694,9 @@
 07ed604d|	VLD4R (R8), [V7.D2, V8.D2, V9.D2, V10.D2]
 0defff0d|	VLD4R 32(R24), [V13.D1, V14.D1, V15.D1, V16.D1]
 43e1f14d|	VLD4R (R10)(R17), [V3.B16, V4.B16, V5.B16, V6.B16]
-136e682c|	LDNP -192(R16), V27, V19
-cc67676c|	LDNP -400(R30), V25, V12
-e6dd4eac|	LDNP 464(R15), V23, V6
+136e682c|	VLDNP -192(R16), V27, V19
+cc67676c|	VLDNP -400(R30), V25, V12
+e6dd4eac|	VLDNP 464(R15), V23, V6
 b7e9c22c|	LDP.P 20(R13), (V23, V26)
 92c3fe6c|	LDP.P -24(R28), (V18, V16)
 f281e6ac|	LDP.P -816(R15), (V18, V0)
@@ -3704,30 +3708,32 @@
 da6540ad|	LDP (R14), (V26, V25)
 92064c3c|	MOVD.P 192(R20), V18
 94d4577c|	MOVD.P -131(R4), V20
-39055fbc|	MOVD.P -16(R9), V25
-989551fc|	MOVD.P -231(R12), V24
+39055fbc|	FMOVS.P -16(R9), F25
+989551fc|	FMOVD.P -231(R12), F24
 4764c23c|	MOVD.P 38(R2), V7
 c15e4e3c|	MOVD.W 229(R22), V1
 c8ce487c|	MOVD.W 140(R22), V8
-ca5d5bbc|	MOVD.W -75(R14), V10
-34fd56fc|	MOVD.W -145(R9), V20
+ca5d5bbc|	FMOVS.W -75(R14), F10
+34fd56fc|	FMOVD.W -145(R9), F20
 bd0dd53c|	MOVD.W -176(R13), V29
 ab65443d|	MOVD 281(R13), V11
 cb57537d|	MOVD 2474(R30), V11
-f2606fbd|	MOVD 12128(R7), V18
-088b67fd|	MOVD 20240(R24), V8
+f2606fbd|	FMOVS 12128(R7), F18
+088b67fd|	FMOVD 20240(R24), F8
 0173ce3d|	MOVD 14784(R24), V1
+ba112c1c|	FMOVS 90253(PC), F26
+e489c25c|	FMOVD -125873(PC), F4
 3cdb753c|	MOVD (R25)(R21.SXTW), V28
 726b733c|	MOVD (R27)(R19), V18
 395b627c|	MOVD (R25)(R2.UXTW<<1), V25
-9b486cbc|	MOVD (R4)(R12.UXTW), V27
-1cda7efc|	MOVD (R16)(R30.SXTW<<3), V28
+9b486cbc|	FMOVS (R4)(R12.UXTW), F27
+1cda7efc|	FMOVD (R16)(R30.SXTW<<3), F28
 365bf33c|	MOVD (R25)(R19.UXTW<<4), V22
-43a1413c|	LDUR 26(R10), V3
-c7034f7c|	LDUR 240(R30), V7
-ad8350bc|	LDUR -248(R29), V13
-07a350fc|	LDUR -246(R24), V7
-0212c63c|	LDUR 97(R16), V2
+43a1413c|	VLDUR 26(R10), V3
+c7034f7c|	VLDUR 240(R30), V7
+ad8350bc|	VLDUR -248(R29), V13
+07a350fc|	VLDUR -246(R24), V7
+0212c63c|	VLDUR 97(R16), V2
 6f0a7a2f|	VMLA V10.H[7], V19.H4, V15.H4
 fe95294e|	VMLA V9.B16, V15.B16, V30.B16
 f24a4f2f|	VMLS V15.H[4], V23.H4, V18.H4
@@ -3736,12 +3742,12 @@
 0866116e|	VMOV V16.B[12], V8.B[8]
 6e1d0f4e|	VMOV R11, V14.B[7]
 6d1fa10e|	VORR V1.B8, V27.B8, V13.B8
-b93f1a0e|	UMOVW V29.H[6], R25
+b93f1a0e|	VMOV V29.H[6], R25
 74e7020f|	VMOVI $91, V20.B8
 0ff4040f|	FMOV $-2., V15.S2
 4c47060f|	VMOVI $(218<<16), V12.S2
 aa06064f|	VMOVI $213, V10.S4
-8de4042f|	MOVI $-72057594021216256, V13
+8de4042f|	VMOVI $-72057594021216256, V13
 b1e6046f|	VMOVI $-72056498804555521, V17.D2
 609f214e|	VMUL V1.B16, V27.B16, V0.B16
 9f5a206e|	VMVN V20.B16, V31.B16
@@ -3809,75 +3815,75 @@
 e4a0980f|	VSMULL V24.S[0], V7.S2, V4.D2
 51c2220e|	VSMULL V2.B8, V18.B8, V17.H8
 01c26d4e|	VSMULL2 V13.H8, V16.H8, V1.S4
-f978205e|	SQABS V7, V25
-760cef5e|	SQADD V15, V3, V22
+f978205e|	VSQABS V7, V25
+760cef5e|	VSQADD V15, V3, V22
 390c224e|	VSQADD V2.B16, V1.B16, V25.B16
-5439455f|	SQDMLAL V5.H[4], V10, V20
-8391765e|	SQDMLAL V22, V12, V3
+5439455f|	VSQDMLAL V5.H[4], V10, V20
+8391765e|	VSQDMLAL V22, V12, V3
 c9907a4e|	VSQDMLAL2 V26.H8, V6.H8, V9.S4
-0b73445f|	SQDMLSL V4.H[0], V24, V11
+0b73445f|	VSQDMLSL V4.H[0], V24, V11
 8e728d0f|	VSQDMLSL V13.S[0], V20.S2, V14.D2
 fe787d4f|	VSQDMLSL2 V13.H[7], V7.H8, V30.S4
-bdb2b55e|	SQDMLSL V21, V21, V29
+bdb2b55e|	VSQDMLSL V21, V21, V29
 d0c9be4f|	VSQDMULH V30.S[3], V14.S4, V16.S4
-89b77c5e|	SQDMULH V28, V28, V9
-c9bb515f|	SQDMULL V1.H[5], V30, V9
-5379e07e|	SQNEG V10, V19
+89b77c5e|	VSQDMULH V28, V28, V9
+c9bb515f|	VSQDMULL V1.H[5], V30, V9
+5379e07e|	VSQNEG V10, V19
 4b7aa06e|	VSQNEG V18.S4, V11.S4
 1bd1750f|	VSQRDMULH V5.H[3], V8.H4, V27.H4
-f55e755e|	SQRSHL V21, V23, V21
+f55e755e|	VSQRSHL V21, V23, V21
 ba5fbd4e|	VSQRSHL V29.S4, V29.S4, V26.S4
 ba9d1e0f|	VSQRSHRN $2, V13.S4, V26.H4
 3d9c284f|	VSQRSHRN2 $24, V1.D2, V29.S4
 8a8f2c6f|	VSQRSHRUN2 $20, V28.D2, V10.S4
-eb760b5f|	SQSHL $3, V23, V11
+eb760b5f|	VSQSHL $3, V23, V11
 4a77220f|	VSQSHL $2, V26.S2, V10.S2
-6c4cfb5e|	SQSHL V27, V3, V12
+6c4cfb5e|	VSQSHL V27, V3, V12
 ad4eba4e|	VSQSHL V26.S4, V21.S4, V13.S4
-9364257f|	SQSHLU $5, V4, V19
+9364257f|	VSQSHLU $5, V4, V19
 b267392f|	VSQSHLU $25, V29.S2, V18.S2
 c085042f|	VMVNI $142, V0.H4
 7584326f|	VSQSHRUN2 $14, V3.D2, V21.S4
-3a2fe25e|	SQSUB V2, V25, V26
+3a2fe25e|	VSQSUB V2, V25, V26
 2c2ca34e|	VSQSUB V3.S4, V1.S4, V12.S4
-484ba15e|	SQXTN V26, V8
+484ba15e|	VSQXTN V26, V8
 824b210e|	VSQXTN V28.H8, V2.B8
 5b48214e|	VSQXTN2 V2.H8, V27.B16
 e228a16e|	VSQXTUN2 V7.D2, V2.S4
 1c44416f|	VSRI $63, V0.D2, V28.D2
-1e56eb5e|	SRSHL V11, V16, V30
+1e56eb5e|	VSRSHL V11, V16, V30
 bb56fe4e|	VSRSHL V30.D2, V21.D2, V27.D2
 c6262d0f|	VSRSHR $19, V22.S2, V6.S2
-0c366c5f|	SRSRA $20, V16, V12
+0c366c5f|	VSRSRA $20, V16, V12
 13376e4f|	VSRSRA $18, V24.D2, V19.D2
 7ba5040f|	VMOVI $(139<<8), V27.H4
-9c076f5f|	SSHR $17, V28, V28
+9c076f5f|	VSSHR $17, V28, V28
 2804434f|	VSSHR $61, V1.D2, V8.D2
-b717535f|	SSRA $45, V29, V23
+b717535f|	VSSRA $45, V29, V23
 c2160f0f|	VSSRA $1, V22.B8, V2.B8
 8a333a4e|	VSSUBW2 V26.B16, V28.H8, V10.H8
-3a70000c|	VST1 (R1), [V26.B8]
-1bab004c|	VST1 (R24), [V27.S4, V28.S4]
-8d69004c|	VST1 (R12), [V13.S4, V14.S4, V15.S4]
-9c26004c|	VST1 (R20), [V28.H8, V29.H8, V30.H8, V31.H8]
-c87a9f0c|	VST1 8(R22), [V8.S2]
-5a7f800c|	VST1 (R26)(R0), [V26.D1]
-eea99f4c|	VST1 32(R15), [V14.S4, V15.S4]
-11af9d4c|	VST1 (R24)(R29), [V17.D2, V18.D2]
-ec689f0c|	VST1 24(R7), [V12.S2, V13.S2, V14.S2]
-8662900c|	VST1 (R20)(R16), [V6.B8, V7.B8, V8.B8]
-0b249f4c|	VST1 64(R0), [V11.H8, V12.H8, V13.H8, V14.H8]
-6b2d8b4c|	VST1 (R11)(R11), [V11.D2, V12.D2, V13.D2, V14.D2]
-3212004d|	ST1 (R17), [V18.B][12]
-3392004d|	ST1 (R17), [V19.S][3]
-0284000d|	ST1 (R0), [V2.D][0]
-340f9f0d|	ST1 1(R25), [V20.B][3]
-0d069a4d|	ST1 (R16)(R26), [V13.B][9]
-2e51950d|	ST1 (R9)(R21), [V14.H][2]
-3f839f0d|	ST1 4(R25), [V31.S][0]
-1492844d|	ST1 (R16)(R4), [V20.S][3]
-dd869f4d|	ST1 8(R22), [V29.D][1]
-2e869b4d|	ST1 (R17)(R27), [V14.D][1]
+3a70000c|	VST1 [V26.B8], (R1)
+1bab004c|	VST1 [V27.S4, V28.S4], (R24)
+8d69004c|	VST1 [V13.S4, V14.S4, V15.S4], (R12)
+9c26004c|	VST1 [V28.H8, V29.H8, V30.H8, V31.H8], (R20)
+c87a9f0c|	VST1.P [V8.S2], 8(R22)
+5a7f800c|	VST1.P [V26.D1], (R26)(R0)
+eea99f4c|	VST1.P [V14.S4, V15.S4], 32(R15)
+11af9d4c|	VST1.P [V17.D2, V18.D2], (R24)(R29)
+ec689f0c|	VST1.P [V12.S2, V13.S2, V14.S2], 24(R7)
+8662900c|	VST1.P [V6.B8, V7.B8, V8.B8], (R20)(R16)
+0b249f4c|	VST1.P [V11.H8, V12.H8, V13.H8, V14.H8], 64(R0)
+6b2d8b4c|	VST1.P [V11.D2, V12.D2, V13.D2, V14.D2], (R11)(R11)
+3212004d|	VST1 V18.B[12], (R17)
+3392004d|	VST1 V19.S[3], (R17)
+0284000d|	VST1 V2.D[0], (R0)
+340f9f0d|	VST1.P V20.B[3], 1(R25)
+0d069a4d|	VST1.P V13.B[9], (R16)(R26)
+2e51950d|	VST1.P V14.H[2], (R9)(R21)
+3f839f0d|	VST1.P V31.S[0], 4(R25)
+1492844d|	VST1.P V20.S[3], (R16)(R4)
+dd869f4d|	VST1.P V29.D[1], 8(R22)
+2e869b4d|	VST1.P V14.D[1], (R17)(R27)
 1e87000c|	VST2 (R24), [V30.H4, V31.H4]
 07829f0c|	VST2 16(R16), [V7.B8, V8.B8]
 d38a884c|	VST2 (R22)(R8), [V19.S4, V20.S4]
@@ -3916,9 +3922,9 @@
 f3b2a30d|	ST4 (R23)(R3), [V19.S, V20.S, V21.S, V22.S][1]
 eca5bf4d|	ST4 32(R15), [V12.D, V13.D, V14.D, V15.D][1]
 4ca7bb0d|	ST4 (R26)(R27), [V12.D, V13.D, V14.D, V15.D][0]
-4f5b182c|	STNP 192(R26), V22, V15
-e05e0b6c|	STNP 176(R23), V23, V0
-77be2eac|	STNP -560(R19), V15, V23
+4f5b182c|	VSTNP 192(R26), V22, V15
+e05e0b6c|	VSTNP 176(R23), V23, V0
+77be2eac|	VSTNP -560(R19), V15, V23
 bb3fa72c|	STP.P (V27, V15), -200(R29)
 ef18bb6c|	STP.P (V15, V6), -80(R7)
 777d84ac|	STP.P (V23, V31), 128(R11)
@@ -3930,30 +3936,30 @@
 f2871dad|	STP (V18, V1), 944(RSP)
 f676003c|	MOVD.P V22, 7(R23)
 50f50d7c|	MOVD.P V16, 223(R10)
-0d251ebc|	MOVD.P V13, -30(R8)
-1f3510fc|	MOVD.P V31, -253(R8)
+0d251ebc|	FMOVS.P F13, -30(R8)
+1f3510fc|	FMOVD.P F31, -253(R8)
 05a4883c|	MOVD.P V5, 138(R0)
 800e063c|	MOVD.W V0, 96(R20)
 668d157c|	MOVD.W V6, -168(R11)
-1f3d11bc|	MOVD.W V31, -237(R8)
-71bf06fc|	MOVD.W V17, 107(R27)
+1f3d11bc|	FMOVS.W F31, -237(R8)
+71bf06fc|	FMOVD.W F17, 107(R27)
 f50c843c|	MOVD.W V21, 64(R7)
 f186013d|	MOVD V17, 97(R23)
 f0e5357d|	MOVD V16, 6898(R15)
-938d3bbd|	MOVD V19, 15244(R12)
-aeb813fd|	MOVD V14, 10096(R5)
+938d3bbd|	FMOVS F19, 15244(R12)
+aeb813fd|	FMOVD F14, 10096(R5)
 2cc4943d|	MOVD V12, 21264(R1)
 e2f8263c|	MOVD V2, (R7)(R6.SXTX)
 1d79373c|	MOVD V29, (R8)(R23)
 bc70003c|	MOVD V28, 7(R5)
 7190157c|	MOVD V17, -167(R3)
-073309bc|	MOVD V7, 147(R24)
-298100fc|	MOVD V9, 8(R9)
+073309bc|	FMOVS F7, 147(R24)
+298100fc|	FMOVD F9, 8(R9)
 e8c1843c|	MOVD V8, 76(R15)
 3384266e|	VSUB V6.B16, V1.B16, V19.B16
 9163750e|	VSUBHN V21.S4, V28.S4, V17.H4
 f3627d4e|	VSUBHN2 V29.S4, V23.S4, V19.H8
-1939205e|	SUQADD V8, V25
+1939205e|	VSUQADD V8, V25
 0638604e|	VSUQADD V0.H8, V6.H8
 81a4284f|	VSSHLL2 $8, V4.S4, V1.D2
 f920030e|	VTBL V3.B8, [V7.B16, V8.B16], V25.B8
@@ -3976,7 +3982,7 @@
 ac013d2e|	VUADDL V29.B8, V13.B8, V12.H8
 e500a86e|	VUADDL2 V8.S4, V7.S4, V5.D2
 9c28a02e|	VUADDLP V4.S2, V28.D1
-4c3a302e|	UADDLV V18.B8, V12
+4c3a302e|	VUADDLV V18.B8, V12
 2810b62e|	VUADDW V22.S2, V1.D2, V8.D2
 f2132d6e|	VUADDW2 V13.B16, V31.H8, V18.H8
 b3e67f7f|	UCVTF $1, F21, F19
@@ -3997,7 +4003,7 @@
 4ba6766e|	VUMAXP V22.H8, V18.H8, V11.H8
 e26db42e|	VUMIN V20.S2, V15.S2, V2.S2
 a7ae712e|	VUMINP V17.H4, V21.H4, V7.H4
-afaa716e|	UMINV V21.H8, V15
+afaa716e|	VUMINV V21.H8, V15
 42298c2f|	VUMLAL V12.S[2], V10.S2, V2.D2
 0a826e2e|	VUMLAL V14.H4, V16.H4, V10.S4
 2681a06e|	VUMLAL2 V0.S4, V9.S4, V6.D2
@@ -4007,30 +4013,30 @@
 22a1ba6f|	VUMULL2 V26.S[1], V9.S4, V2.D2
 15c0712e|	VUMULL V17.H4, V0.H4, V21.S4
 2ec0296e|	VUMULL2 V9.B16, V1.B16, V14.H8
-6e0fba7e|	UQADD V26, V27, V14
+6e0fba7e|	VUQADD V26, V27, V14
 db0fe06e|	VUQADD V0.D2, V30.D2, V27.D2
-535e6c7e|	UQRSHL V12, V18, V19
+535e6c7e|	VUQRSHL V12, V18, V19
 7c5cfe6e|	VUQRSHL V30.D2, V3.D2, V28.D2
-9a9e327f|	UQRSHRN $14, V20, V26
+9a9e327f|	VUQRSHRN $14, V20, V26
 339f0b2f|	VUQRSHRN $5, V25.H8, V19.B8
-7e77337f|	UQSHL $19, V27, V30
-8b4d657e|	UQSHL V5, V12, V11
+7e77337f|	VUQSHL $19, V27, V30
+8b4d657e|	VUQSHL V5, V12, V11
 414c622e|	VUQSHL V2.H4, V2.H4, V1.H4
 95942b2f|	VUQSHRN $21, V4.D2, V21.S2
 d396246f|	VUQSHRN2 $28, V22.D2, V19.S4
-b22ff27e|	UQSUB V18, V29, V18
+b22ff27e|	VUQSUB V18, V29, V18
 b32e756e|	VUQSUB V21.H8, V21.H8, V19.H8
 0e4b616e|	VUQXTN2 V24.S4, V14.H8
 ca16236e|	VURHADD V3.B16, V22.B16, V10.B16
 1f57a26e|	VURSHL V2.S4, V24.S4, V31.S4
-8324777f|	URSHR $9, V4, V3
+8324777f|	VURSHR $9, V4, V3
 37caa16e|	VURSQRTE V17.S4, V23.S4
-b735517f|	URSRA $47, V13, V23
-0a47f67e|	USHL V22, V24, V10
+b735517f|	VURSRA $47, V13, V23
+0a47f67e|	VUSHL V22, V24, V10
 e7a71c2f|	VUSHLL $12, V31.H4, V7.S4
-9c38607e|	USQADD V4, V28
+9c38607e|	VUSQADD V4, V28
 dc39206e|	VUSQADD V14.B16, V28.B16
-dc145d7f|	USRA $35, V6, V28
+dc145d7f|	VUSRA $35, V6, V28
 d720752e|	VUSUBL V21.H4, V6.H4, V23.S4
 2c236f6e|	VUSUBL2 V15.H8, V25.H8, V12.S4
 ed32222e|	VUSUBW V2.B8, V23.H8, V13.H8
@@ -4455,3 +4461,104 @@
 5701631e|	UCVTFWD R10, F23
 1d03239e|	UCVTFS R24, F29
 8b02639e|	UCVTFD R20, F11
+6e86f05e|	VADD V16, V19, V14
+4986654e|	VADD V5.H8, V18.H8, V9.H8
+31bf674e|	VADDP V7.H8, V25.H8, V17.H8
+60b8714e|	VADDV V3.H8, V0
+d35a284e|	AESD V22.B16, V19.B16
+fd4b284e|	AESE V31.B16, V29.B16
+9b79284e|	AESIMC V12.B16, V27.B16
+dc69284e|	AESMC V14.B16, V28.B16
+891c244e|	VAND V4.B16, V4.B16, V9.B16
+ac8db86e|	VCMEQ V24.S4, V13.S4, V12.S4
+ab59200e|	VCNT V13.B8, V11.B8
+f2071f5e|	VMOV V31.B[15], V18
+f4071b4e|	VDUP V31.B[13], V20.B16
+471e242e|	VEOR V4.B8, V18.B8, V7.B8
+2320022e|	VEXT $4, V2.B8, V1.B8, V3.B8
+2340026e|	VEXT $8, V2.B16, V1.B16, V3.B16
+705d196e|	VMOV V11.B[11], V16.B[12]
+951e054e|	VMOV R20, V21.B[2]
+5570404c|	VLD1 (R2), [V21.B16]
+126f400c|	VLD1 (R24), [V18.D1, V19.D1, V20.D1]
+ae2f400c|	VLD1 (R29), [V14.D1, V15.D1, V16.D1, V17.D1]
+e172df4c|	VLD1.P 16(R23), [V1.B16]
+df7ccb0c|	VLD1.P (R6)(R11), [V31.D1]
+ffacdf0c|	VLD1.P 16(R7), [V31.D1, V0.D1]
+78a2c40c|	VLD1.P (R19)(R4), [V24.B8, V25.B8]
+8766c84c|	VLD1.P (R20)(R8), [V7.H8, V8.H8, V9.H8]
+c523df0c|	VLD1.P 32(R30), [V5.B8, V6.B8, V7.B8, V8.B8]
+4e1e404d|	VLD1 (R18), V14.B[15]
+a04b400d|	VLD1 (R29), V0.H[1]
+6283400d|	VLD1 (R27), V2.S[0]
+a586404d|	VLD1 (R21), V5.D[1]
+4a1adf4d|	VLD1.P 1(R18), V10.B[14]
+700cce4d|	VLD1.P (R3)(R14), V16.B[11]
+3c50df0d|	VLD1.P 2(R1), V28.H[2]
+a951d40d|	VLD1.P (R13)(R20), V9.H[2]
+2192df4d|	VLD1.P 4(R17), V1.S[3]
+d181c24d|	VLD1.P (R14)(R2), V17.S[2]
+be84df4d|	VLD1.P 8(R5), V30.D[1]
+7b87cd0d|	VLD1.P (R27)(R13), V27.D[0]
+e8375ebc|	FMOVS.P -29(RSP), F8
+bc7f44bc|	FMOVS.W 71(R29), F28
+971058bd|	FMOVS 6160(R4), F23
+5b06155e|	VMOV V18.B[10], V27
+9c15196e|	VMOV V12.B[2], V28.B[12]
+c41f1b4e|	VMOV R30, V4.B[13]
+441ca24e|	VMOV V2.B16, V4.B16
+b43d040e|	VMOV V13.S[0], R20
+b43d084e|	VMOV V13.D[0], R20
+56e6044f|	VMOVI $146, V22.B16
+cf1eb94e|	VORR V25.B16, V22.B16, V15.B16
+23e0e20e|	VPMULL V2.D1, V1.D1, V3.Q1
+24e0e24e|	VPMULL2 V2.D2, V1.D2, V4.Q1
+23e0220e|	VPMULL V2.B8, V1.B8, V3.H8
+24e0224e|	VPMULL2 V2.B16, V1.B16, V4.H8
+5559606e|	VRBIT V10.B16, V21.B16
+4108606e|	VREV32 V2.H8, V1.H8
+d100221e|	SCVTFWS R6, F17
+6f00621e|	SCVTFWD R3, F15
+9902229e|	SCVTFS R20, F25
+a901629e|	SCVTFD R13, F9
+0201085e|	SHA1C V8.S4, V8, V2
+390a285e|	SHA1H V17, V25
+7b23005e|	SHA1M V0.S4, V27, V27
+9b12035e|	SHA1P V3.S4, V20, V27
+b031115e|	SHA1SU0 V17.S4, V13.S4, V16.S4
+171b285e|	SHA1SU1 V24.S4, V23.S4
+0b52065e|	SHA256H2 V6.S4, V16, V11
+4b40045e|	SHA256H V4.S4, V2, V11
+1028285e|	SHA256SU0 V0.S4, V16.S4
+6f601f5e|	SHA256SU1 V31.S4, V3.S4, V15.S4
+d956474f|	VSHL $7, V22.D2, V25.D2
+6e67000c|	VST1 [V14.H4, V15.H4, V16.H4], (R27)
+c229004c|	VST1 [V2.S4, V3.S4, V4.S4, V5.S4], (R14)
+f9789d4c|	VST1.P [V25.S4], (R7)(R29)
+f9ac9f4c|	VST1.P [V25.D2, V26.D2], 32(R7)
+eeac970c|	VST1.P [V14.D1, V15.D1], (R7)(R23)
+796f9f4c|	VST1.P [V25.D2, V26.D2, V27.D2], 48(R27)
+6d648e4c|	VST1.P [V13.H8, V14.H8, V15.H8], (R3)(R14)
+d0289f4c|	VST1.P [V16.S4, V17.S4, V18.S4, V19.S4], 64(R6)
+9324900c|	VST1.P [V19.H4, V20.H4, V21.H4, V22.H4], (R4)(R16)
+2c0c000d|	VST1 V12.B[3], (R1)
+2c0c000d|	VST1 V12.B[3], (R1)
+9982004d|	VST1 V25.S[2], (R20)
+e987004d|	VST1 V9.D[1], (RSP)
+7e189f0d|	VST1.P V30.B[6], 1(R3)
+6800950d|	VST1.P V8.B[0], (R3)(R21)
+4f499f4d|	VST1.P V15.H[5], 2(R10)
+e15a8b4d|	VST1.P V1.H[7], (R23)(R11)
+7a819f0d|	VST1.P V26.S[0], 4(R11)
+0992950d|	VST1.P V9.S[1], (R16)(R21)
+30859f0d|	VST1.P V16.D[0], 8(R9)
+b786904d|	VST1.P V23.D[1], (R21)(R16)
+9785e17e|	VSUB V1, V12, V23
+eb3bb06e|	VUADDLV V31.S4, V11
+7301231e|	UCVTFWS R11, F19
+4d03631e|	UCVTFWD R26, F13
+eb02239e|	UCVTFS R23, F11
+bd00639e|	UCVTFD R5, F29
+0b3c030e|	VMOV V0.B[1], R11
+2c3c0e0e|	VMOV V1.H[3], R12
+d7061a6f|	VUSHR $6, V22.H8, V23.H8