title: Podcasts

Active podcast shows

  • Go Time - Erik St. Martin, Carlisia Campos, Brian Ketelsen, recorded weekly and streamed live at 3PM EST at http://changelog.com/live
  • go podcast() - Dominic St-Pierre, recorded bi-weekly, ~15 minutes, topic based.
  • Cup o' Go - Stay up to date with the Go community in about 15 minutes per week.

Inactive podcast shows

  • GolangShow – Weekly podcast since June 2015, in English and Russian languages.
  • Go Gab - A podcast about everything Go. Episodes are short: about 3 minutes each.
  • GoFr – by Arnaud Assad, Sebastien Friess, Thomas Perez, Lucille Tachet in French.

Podcast episodes

A collection of podcast episodes that cover Go programming. Please keep items in reverse chronological order (most recent first)