title: Contributing

The contents of https://go.dev/wiki are hosted in the go.googlesource.com/wiki repository, and is also mirrored on https://github.com/golang/wiki.

These contents are served by the same server that hosts the official Go website https://go.dev/. The server's source is located in the go.googlesource.com/website repository.

Reporting issues

For issues related to existing contents, the preferred method of resolution is to send a change.

However, if you would like to add a new page, please first open an issue in the Go issue tracker with the prefix wiki: to propose the addition. Clearly state why the content does not fit into any of the existing pages.

Because renaming of pages in the wiki can break external links, please open an issue before renaming or removing any wiki page.

If the issue pertains to the serving of contents, please open a GitHub issue.

Triaging issues

To address content-related issues, it is recommended to identify the person or team most familiar with the content in question. A good starting point is the project owners page.

For issues related to content serving, follow the usual triaging process similar to x/website issues and label them with website.

Updating contents

Before making changes, ensure familiarity with the code review process outlined in the official Contribution Guide.

Sending a trivial change

For minor updates such as fixing typos and adding missing links, you can use the GitHub flow. Make edits from the GitHub repo and open a GitHub pull request as you normally would.

Additional information is available at Sending a change via GitHub.

Sending a non-trivial change

For larger changes, consider sending your change through Gerrit following the instructions provided in Sending a change via Gerrit.

The canonical repository for wiki content is located at go.googlesource.com/wiki.

$ git clone https://go.googlesource.com/wiki

Reviewing and submitting changes

Unlike other Go repositories, the submission process for the wiki repository requires only one +2 from anyone in the wiki repository maintainers group. See Proposal 61940 for additional background.

Note for reviewers: once you give your +2 and all comments are addressed, please merge the change soon to avoid merge conflicts.

Anyone interested in receiving notifications about incoming wiki CLs can opt-in through their Gerrit notifications.

Changing and testing the contents serving behavior

golang.org/x/website/cmd/golangorg is the program that serves the wiki pages.

$ git clone https://go.googlesource.com/website
$ cd website/cmd/golangorg

Follow the instructions in README.md for running and testing the program locally.