title: Configuring-GoLand-for-WebAssembly

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Configuring GoLand for WebAssembly (Wasm) projects

Initial project configuration

When you first open or start a WebAssembly project in GoLand, it won't understand the “syscall/js” package.

That's easily fixable, by changing the GOOS and GOARCH values in the project settings, as per the screenshots below.

GoLand Wasm Setup pic1

Note - The screenshot below shows how to access Settings on a Linux desktop. If you‘re using macOS, you’ll probably need to access them through the standard macOS Preferences option. GoLand Wasm Setup pic2

GoLand Wasm Setup pic3

GoLand Wasm Setup pic4

Configuring Run/Debug settings

With the initial project settings changed, you'll probably want to configure the Run/Debug settings next.

That will let you recompile the .wasm file by just launching Run (Shift+F10 on Linux).

GoLand Wasm Build pic2

GoLand Wasm Build pic3

GoLand Wasm Build pic4

GoLand Wasm Build pic5

GoLand Wasm Build pic6

GoLand Wasm Build pic7

GoLand Wasm Build pic8

GoLand Wasm Build pic9

GoLand Wasm Build pic10

GoLand Wasm Build pic11

GoLand Wasm Build pic12

Finished, your GoLand setup should now be complete.

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