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- name: Jaime Enrique Garcia Lopez
title: Senior Software Development Manager
company: Capital One
quote: |-
“At the time, no single team member knew Go, but
<strong>within a month, everyone was writing in Go</strong> and we were
building out the endpoints. It was the flexibility, how easy it was to use,
and the really cool concept behind Go (how Go handles native concurrency,
garbage collection, and of course safety+speed.) that helped engage us
during the build. Also, who can beat that cute mascot!”
- name: Clayton Coleman
title: Lead Engineer, Open Shift
company: RedHat
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"<strong>A small language that compiles fast makes for a happy developer.</strong>
The Go language is small, compiles really fast, and as a result it lets your
mind focus on the actual problem and less on the tool you are using to solve
it. Code, test, debug cycles are so quick that you forget you are not
working with an interpreted language. Looking at our code, you see
<strong>less boilerplate and more business logic.</strong>"
- name: Matt Boyle
title: Lead Software Engineer
company: Curve
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“<strong>Go has excellent characteristics for scalability and services
written using it typically have very small memory footprints.</strong>
Because code is compiled into a single static binary, services can also be
containerised with ease, making it much simpler to build and deploy. These
attributes make <strong>Go an ideal choice for companies building
microservices</strong>, as you can easily deploy into a highly available and
scalable environment such as Kubernetes.”
- name: Bala Natarajan
title: Sr. Director of Engineering, Developer Experience
company: PayPal
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"In our tightly managed environments where we run Go code,
<strong>we have seen a CPU reduction of approximately 10%</strong>
with cleaner and maintainable code."
- name: Benjamin Cane
title: Vice President and Principal Engineer
company: American Express
quote: |-
"Tooling has always been a problem with our legacy code base... but we have
found that Go has excellent tooling, plus built-in testing, benchmarking,
and profiling frameworks. It is easy to write efficient and resilient
applications. <strong>After working on Go, most of our developers don't want
to go back to other languages.</strong>"
- name: John Biggs and Ben Popper
company: Stack Overflow
quote: |-
"...when a programming language is designed for exactly the environment most
of us use right now—scalable, cloud-based servers that are optimized for
performance—a lot can go right."