internal/godoc: split package docs into new package pkgdoc [generated]

Isolate package docs scanning and extraction into a new package.
Generated by script below.

cd internal/godoc
rf '
	# We want to end up with each package having its own toFS,
	# but to keep each step leaving a valid package, export toFS as ToFSPath
	# so it can be used as pkgdoc.ToFSPath after the move.
	# We will rewrite the uses left behind after the move.
	mv toFS ToFSPath

	mv newDirTree newDir
	mv Directory Dir
	mv Dir.listing Dir.List
	mv Dir.lookup Dir.Lookup
	mv \
		ToFSPath \
		Dir \
		Dir.Name \
		DirList \
		DirEntry \
		DirEntry.Name \
		Dir.Lookup \
		Dir.List \
		newDir \
		isPkgFile \
		isPkgDir \
		Dir.walk \
		walkDirs \
		parseFile \
		parseFiles \
		linePrefix \
		replaceLinePrefixCommentsWithBlankLine \

	mv stripExampleSuffix TrimExampleSuffix
	mv splitExampleName SplitExampleName
	mv poorMansImporter simpleImporter

	mv dirtrees_test.go dir_test.go

	mv \
		DocTree \
		NewDocTree \
		PageInfo \
		PageInfo.IsEmpty \
		PageInfoMode \
		NoFiltering \
		modeNames \
		PageInfoMode.String \
		GetPageInfoMode \
		DocTree.GetPageInfo \
		DocTree.includePath \
		simpleImporter \
		packageExports \
		funcsByName \
		funcsByName.Len \
		funcsByName.Swap \
		funcsByName.Less \
		collectExamples \
		globalNames \
		addNames \
		SplitExampleName \
		TrimExampleSuffix \
		startsWithUppercase \

	mv \
		TestIgnoredGoFiles \
		TestIssue5247 \

	mv dir.go dir_test.go doc.go doc_test.go

	# Add a new toFS and rewrite the uses left behind.
	add server.go:/^\)/ \
		// toFS returns the io/fs name for path (no leading slash). \
		func toFS(name string) string { \
			if name == "/" { \
				return "." \
			} \
			return path.Clean(strings.TrimPrefix(name, "/")) \

	ex {
		import ""
		var x string
		pkgdoc.ToFSPath(x) -> toFS(x)
rm dirtrees.go parser.go
cd ../pkgdoc
rf '
	# Finish toFS split
	mv ToFSPath toFS

	# Clean up API for package pkgdoc
	mv PageInfo Page
	mv DocTree.GetPageInfo Doc.Page

	mv DocTree Docs
	mv NewDocTree NewDocs

	mv PageInfoMode Mode
	mv GetPageInfoMode ParseMode
	mv NoFiltering ModeAll
	mv FlatDir ModeFlat
	mv AllMethods ModeMethods
	mv ShowSource ModeSrc
	mv NoTypeAssoc ModeBuiltin

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