cmd/googlegolangorg: make a separate service

The version cleaner deleted the very old version of
named "google", as it was designed to do. Make
its own service instead of a precarious version.

Already deployed, to bring back

Change-Id: Ia3e63a93d8b613e9cc7f7d241d9187d9422cf6ba
Trust: Russ Cox <>
Reviewed-by: Dmitri Shuralyov <>
diff --git a/cmd/googlegolangorg/ b/cmd/googlegolangorg/
index 4e1aeac..f92dfab 100644
--- a/cmd/googlegolangorg/
+++ b/cmd/googlegolangorg/
@@ -14,5 +14,5 @@
 To update the public site, run:
-gcloud app --project=golang-org deploy --no-promote -v google app.yaml
+gcloud app --project=golang-org deploy --promote app.yaml
diff --git a/cmd/googlegolangorg/app.yaml b/cmd/googlegolangorg/app.yaml
index ac11081..6a5ffad 100644
--- a/cmd/googlegolangorg/app.yaml
+++ b/cmd/googlegolangorg/app.yaml
@@ -1 +1,2 @@
+service: google
 runtime: go112