title: “GothamGo: gophers in the big apple” date: 2015-01-09 by:

  • Francesc Campoy summary: Reporting from GothamGo 2015, the first full-day Go conference in New York City.

Last November more than two hundred gophers from all across the United States got together for the first full-day Go conference in New York City.

The diverse speaker lineup included university students, industry experts, and Go team members.

And good news, everybody! All the talks were recorded and are available:

{{image “gothamgo/gothamgo.jpg” 600}}

Two more talks come from the Go meetup in New York City, which met the day before GothamGo:

  • Benchmarking Go by Brian Bulkowski - the founder of Aerospike talks about profiling tools for Go and Linux, and micro benchmarks for goroutines, channels, buffers, and and other Go features.
  • Go Static Analysis Tools by Alan Donovan - a member of the Go team at Google NY gives a guided tour of several static analysis tools designed to help Go programmers understand, navigate , and refactor their code.

Make sure to have a look at all of those in preparation for the FOSDEM Go devroom FOSDEM in Brussels (Belgium) and gophercon.in in Bengaluru (India).