title: Go App Engine SDK 1.5.5 released date: 2011-10-11 by:

  • Andrew Gerrand tags:
  • appengine
  • gofix
  • release summary: Go App Engine SDK 1.5.5 includes Go release.r60.2.

Today we released version 1.5.5 the Go App Engine SDK. You can download it from the App Engine downloads page.

This release includes changes and improvements to the App Engine APIs and brings the supporting Go tool chain to release.r60.2 (the current stable release). Also included in this release are the godoc, gofmt, and gofix tools from the Go tool chain. They can be found in the root directory of the SDK.

Some changes made in this release are backwards-incompatible, so we have incremented the SDK api_version to 3. Existing apps will require code changes when migrating to api_version 3.

The gofix tool that ships with the SDK has been customized with App Engine-specific modules. It can be used to automatically update Go apps to work with the latest appengine packages and the updated Go standard library. To update your apps, run:

/path/to/sdk/gofix /path/to/your/app

The SDK now includes the appengine package source code, so you can use the local godoc to read App Engine API documentation:

/path/to/sdk/godoc appengine/datastore Get

Important note: We have deprecated api_version 2. Go apps that use api_version 2 will stop working after 16 December 2011. Please update your apps to use api_version 3 before then.

See the release notes for a full list of changes. Please direct any questions about the new SDK to the Go App Engine discussion group.