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Announce the 2023 January edition of the Go Developer Survey.

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+title: Share your feedback about developing with Go
+date: 2023-01-18
+- Alice Merrick, for the Go team
+- survey
+- community
+summary: Help shape the future of Go by sharing your thoughts via the Go Developer Survey
+Happy 2023! For seven years, the Go Team has conducted a regular survey of Go
+developers. The results of this survey have helped the team plan and prioritize
+large changes to the Go ecosystem, such as dependency management, vulnerability
+scanning, and generics. We want Go to be increasingly usable by and useful to
+developers, and your feedback has been a critical aspect of making that happen. 
+So here is [the January 2023 edition of the Go Developer
+Survey](https://google.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bNnbAtFZ0vfRTH8?s=b)! This
+survey will run through Feb 8th, and we plan to publish anonymous, aggregated
+results in early March. It should take about  10 minutes to complete, and all
+questions are optional. Please help to shape Go’s future by sharing your
+thoughts and experiences.
+[Take the Go Developer
+Survey](https://google.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bNnbAtFZ0vfRTH8?s=b) (open
+January 18th &ndash; February 8th)