internal/report: fix bug in CVE5 generation

Fixes a bug in which incorrect version ranges were sometimes generated
when converting reports to CVE5. The bug happens when operating on a report
with no fixed version.

The problem is that the CVE JSON 5.0 format only allows version ranges
of the form "versions X to Y are affected", "versions X to Y are NOT affected"
or "version X is affected".

It does not directly allow the statement "version X and above are affected" - this must be expressed as "version 0 through X are unaffected, all others are affected". This change allows that to be expressed.

This bug became clear when we published GO-2023-2328. The CVE for that report
is also re-generated as a part of this change.

Change-Id: I0c61168581d65b13850d3a763a3300c04594b84c
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Reviewed-by: Damien Neil <>
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