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# Test souce mode with no callstacks
$ govulncheck -C ${moddir}/informational -show=traces .
Using go1.18 and govulncheck@v0.0.0-00000000000-20000101010101 with vulnerability data from testdata/vulndb-v1 (last modified 01 Jan 21 00:00 UTC).
Scanning your code and P packages across M dependent modules for known vulnerabilities...
=== Informational ===
Found 1 vulnerability in packages that you import, but there are no call
stacks leading to the use of this vulnerability. You may not need to
take any action. See
for details.
Vulnerability #1: GO-2021-0265
A maliciously crafted path can cause Get and other query functions to
consume excessive amounts of CPU and time.
More info:
Found in:
Fixed in:
No vulnerabilities found.
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