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// Copyright 2021 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package report contains functionality for parsing and linting YAML reports
// in reports/.
package report
import "time"
type VersionRange struct {
Introduced string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Fixed string `yaml:",omitempty"`
type Additional struct {
Module string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Package string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Symbols []string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Versions []VersionRange `yaml:",omitempty"`
type Links struct {
PR string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Commit string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Context []string `yaml:",omitempty"`
type CVEMeta struct {
ID string `yaml:",omitempty"`
CWE string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Description string `yaml:",omitempty"`
type Report struct {
Module string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Package string `yaml:",omitempty"`
// TODO: could also be GoToolchain, but we might want
// this for other things?
// could we also automate this by just looking for
// things prefixed with cmd/go?
DoNotExport bool `yaml:"do_not_export,omitempty"`
// TODO: how does this interact with Versions etc?
Stdlib bool `yaml:",omitempty"`
// TODO: the most common usage of additional package should
// really be replaced with 'aliases', we'll still need
// additional packages for some cases, but it's too heavy
// for most
AdditionalPackages []Additional `yaml:"additional_packages,omitempty"`
Versions []VersionRange `yaml:",omitempty"`
Description string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Published time.Time `yaml:",omitempty"`
LastModified *time.Time `yaml:"last_modified,omitempty"`
Withdrawn *time.Time `yaml:",omitempty"`
CVE string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Credit string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Symbols []string `yaml:",omitempty"`
OS []string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Arch []string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Links Links `yaml:",omitempty"`
CVEMetadata *CVEMeta `yaml:"cve_metadata,omitempty"`