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+An extension for VS Code which provides support for the Go language.
 ## We have moved! 🏡 🚚 🏡 
 As of June 2020, our new home is
-As this extension that adds rich language support for the [Go language]( to VS Code
-has grown in features and popularity, it has required more maintenance and support.
-Since the introduction of Go modules, we have been collaborating with the Go team, particularly on support
-for `gopls`, the [Go language server]( More exciting work is on the horizon with the
-[debug adapter service]( in delve which will help
-improve the debugging experience.
-Moving to the [golang GitHub organization]( brings us closer to the home of other tools
-and libraries that the Go extension depends on. We hope this will help keep the extension tightly coupled with the Go 
-language and encourage more Gophers to get involved.
 For more on this, please see the below blog posts
 - [The next phase of Go experience in VS Code](
 - [VS Code Go extension joins the Go project](
-For questions and discussion, please join us in the [`#vscode-dev`]( Gophers Slack channel.
 ## Contributing
 This project welcomes contributions and suggestions. Please go through the [Contributing Guide]( in the new repository.