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".source.go": {
"single import": {
"prefix": "im",
"body": "import \"${1:package}\"",
"description": "Snippet for import statement"
"multiple imports": {
"prefix": "ims",
"body": "import (\n\t\"${1:package}\"\n)",
"description": "Snippet for a import block"
"single constant": {
"prefix": "co",
"body": "const ${1:name} = ${2:value}",
"description": "Snippet for a constant"
"multiple constants": {
"prefix": "cos",
"body": "const (\n\t${1:name} = ${2:value}\n)",
"description": "Snippet for a constant block"
"type function declaration": {
"prefix": "tyf",
"body": "type ${1:name} func($3) $4",
"description": "Snippet for a type function declaration"
"type interface declaration": {
"prefix": "tyi",
"body": "type ${1:name} interface {\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for a type interface"
"type struct declaration": {
"prefix": "tys",
"body": "type ${1:name} struct {\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for a struct declaration"
"package main and main function": {
"prefix": "pkgm",
"body": "package main\n\nfunc main() {\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for main package & function"
"function declaration": {
"prefix": "func",
"body": "func $1($2) $3 {\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for function declaration"
"single variable": {
"prefix": "var",
"body": "var ${1:name} ${2:type}",
"description": "Snippet for a variable"
"multiple variables": {
"prefix": "vars",
"body": "var (\n\t${1:name} ${2:type}\n)",
"description": "Snippet for variable block"
"switch statement": {
"prefix": "switch",
"body": "switch ${1:expression} {\ncase ${2:condition}:\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for switch statement"
"select statement": {
"prefix": "sel",
"body": "select {\ncase ${1:condition}:\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for select statement"
"case clause": {
"prefix": "cs",
"body": "case ${1:condition}:$0",
"description": "Snippet for case clause"
"for statement": {
"prefix": "for",
"body": "for ${1:i} := ${2:0}; $1 < ${3:count}; $1${4:++} {\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for a for loop"
"for range statement": {
"prefix": "forr",
"body": "for ${1:_, }${2:v} := range ${3:v} {\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for a for range loop"
"channel declaration": {
"prefix": "ch",
"body": "chan ${1:type}",
"description": "Snippet for a channel"
"map declaration": {
"prefix": "map",
"body": "map[${1:type}]${2:type}",
"description": "Snippet for a map"
"empty interface": {
"prefix": "in",
"body": "interface{}",
"description": "Snippet for empty interface"
"if statement": {
"prefix": "if",
"body": "if ${1:condition} {\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for if statement"
"else branch": {
"prefix": "el",
"body": "else {\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for else branch"
"if else statement": {
"prefix": "ie",
"body": "if ${1:condition} {\n\t$2\n} else {\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for if else"
"if err != nil": {
"prefix": "iferr",
"body": "if err != nil {\n\t${1:return ${2:nil, }${3:err}}\n}",
"description": "Snippet for if err != nil"
"fmt.Println": {
"prefix": "fp",
"body": "fmt.Println(\"$1\")",
"description": "Snippet for fmt.Println()"
"fmt.Printf": {
"prefix": "ff",
"body": "fmt.Printf(\"$1\", ${2:var})",
"description": "Snippet for fmt.Printf()"
"log.Println": {
"prefix": "lp",
"body": "log.Println(\"$1\")",
"description": "Snippet for log.Println()"
"log.Printf": {
"prefix": "lf",
"body": "log.Printf(\"$1\", ${2:var})",
"description": "Snippet for log.Printf()"
"log variable content": {
"prefix": "lv",
"body": "log.Printf(\"${1:var}: %#+v\\\\n\", ${1:var})",
"description": "Snippet for log.Printf() with variable content"
"t.Log": {
"prefix": "tl",
"body": "t.Log(\"$1\")",
"description": "Snippet for t.Log()"
"t.Logf": {
"prefix": "tlf",
"body": "t.Logf(\"$1\", ${2:var})",
"description": "Snippet for t.Logf()"
"t.Logf variable content": {
"prefix": "tlv",
"body": "t.Logf(\"${1:var}: %#+v\\\\n\", ${1:var})",
"description": "Snippet for t.Logf() with variable content"
"make(...)": {
"prefix": "make",
"body": "make(${1:type}, ${2:0})",
"description": "Snippet for make statement"
"new(...)": {
"prefix": "new",
"body": "new(${1:type})",
"description": "Snippet for new statement"
"panic(...)": {
"prefix": "pn",
"body": "panic(\"$0\")",
"description": "Snippet for panic"
"http ResponseWriter *Request": {
"prefix": "wr",
"body": "${1:w} http.ResponseWriter, ${2:r} *http.Request",
"description": "Snippet for http Response"
"http.HandleFunc": {
"prefix": "hf",
"body": "${1:http}.HandleFunc(\"${2:/}\", ${3:handler})",
"description": "Snippet for http.HandleFunc()"
"http handler declaration": {
"prefix": "hand",
"body": "func $1(${2:w} http.ResponseWriter, ${3:r} *http.Request) {\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for http handler declaration"
"http.Redirect": {
"prefix": "rd",
"body": "http.Redirect(${1:w}, ${2:r}, \"${3:/}\", ${4:http.StatusFound})",
"description": "Snippet for http.Redirect()"
"http.Error": {
"prefix": "herr",
"body": "http.Error(${1:w}, ${2:err}.Error(), ${3:http.StatusInternalServerError})",
"description": "Snippet for http.Error()"
"http.ListenAndServe": {
"prefix": "las",
"body": "http.ListenAndServe(\"${1::8080}\", ${2:nil})",
"description": "Snippet for http.ListenAndServe"
"http.Serve": {
"prefix": "sv",
"body": "http.Serve(\"${1::8080}\", ${2:nil})",
"description": "Snippet for http.Serve"
"goroutine anonymous function": {
"prefix": "go",
"body": "go func($1) {\n\t$0\n}($2)",
"description": "Snippet for anonymous goroutine declaration"
"goroutine function": {
"prefix": "gf",
"body": "go ${1:func}($0)",
"description": "Snippet for goroutine declaration"
"defer statement": {
"prefix": "df",
"body": "defer ${1:func}($0)",
"description": "Snippet for defer statement"
"test function": {
"prefix": "tf",
"body": "func Test$1(t *testing.T) {\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for Test function"
"test main": {
"prefix": "tm",
"body": "func TestMain(m *testing.M) {\n\t$1\n\n\tos.Exit(m.Run())\n}",
"description": "Snippet for TestMain function"
"benchmark function": {
"prefix": "bf",
"body": "func Benchmark$1(b *testing.B) {\n\tfor ${2:i} := 0; ${2:i} < b.N; ${2:i}++ {\n\t\t$0\n\t}\n}",
"description": "Snippet for Benchmark function"
"example function": {
"prefix": "ef",
"body": "func Example$1() {\n\t$2\n\t//Output:\n\t$3\n}",
"description": "Snippet for Example function"
"table driven test": {
"prefix": "tdt",
"body": "func Test$1(t *testing.T) {\n\ttestCases := []struct {\n\t\tdesc\tstring\n\t\t$2\n\t}{\n\t\t{\n\t\t\tdesc: \"$3\",\n\t\t\t$4\n\t\t},\n\t}\n\tfor _, tC := range testCases {\n\t\tt.Run(tC.desc, func(t *testing.T) {\n\t\t\t$0\n\t\t})\n\t}\n}",
"description": "Snippet for table driven test"
"init function": {
"prefix": "finit",
"body": "func init() {\n\t$1\n}",
"description": "Snippet for init function"
"main function": {
"prefix": "fmain",
"body": "func main() {\n\t$1\n}",
"description": "Snippet for main function"
"method declaration": {
"prefix": "meth",
"body": "func (${1:receiver} ${2:type}) ${3:method}($4) $5 {\n\t$0\n}",
"description": "Snippet for method declaration"
"hello world web app": {
"prefix": "helloweb",
"body": "package main\n\nimport (\n\t\"fmt\"\n\t\"net/http\"\n\t\"time\"\n)\n\nfunc greet(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {\n\tfmt.Fprintf(w, \"Hello World! %s\", time.Now())\n}\n\nfunc main() {\n\thttp.HandleFunc(\"/\", greet)\n\thttp.ListenAndServe(\":8080\", nil)\n}",
"description": "Snippet for sample hello world webapp"
"sort implementation": {
"prefix": "sort",
"body": "type ${1:SortBy} []${2:Type}\n\nfunc (a $1) Len() int { return len(a) }\nfunc (a $1) Swap(i, j int) { a[i], a[j] = a[j], a[i] }\nfunc (a $1) Less(i, j int) bool { ${3:return a[i] < a[j]} }",
"description": "Snippet for a custom sort.Sort interface implementation, for a given slice type."