Go Nightly

This master branch of this extension is built and published nightly through the Go Nightly. If you're interested in testing new features and bug fixes, you may be interested in switching to the Go Nightly extension. Also, if you file an issue, we may suggest trying out the fix in Go Nightly.

Go Nightly is the preview version of the Go extension, so it may be broken or unstable at times.


To use the Go Nightly extension (golang.go-nightly), you must first disable the standard Go extension (golang.go). The two are not compatible and will cause conflicts if enabled simultaneously.

If you'd like to make a permanent switch, you can uninstall the Go extension.

Otherwise, you can disable it temporarily. To do so, open the Extensions view in VS Code, click on the gear icon next to the Go extension, and select Disable. Read more in the documentation on how to disable an extension.

Once you have uninstalled or disabled the standard Go extension, search for Go Nightly in the VS Code Marketplace and install it instead.


If you use Go Nightly, please share your feedback or bug reports by filing an issue. You can also speak to the maintainers directly in the #vscode-dev channel on the Gophers Slack.


Go Nightly users are encouraged to discuss issues and share feedback in the #vscode-go-nightly channel on Gophers Slack or on the Go Nightly mailing list. The VS Code Go maintainers may send communications to these channels to request feedback as well.


A new version of Go Nightly, based on the repository's current master branch, will be released at least once a day between Monday and Thursday. If there are no new commits at master, a new version will not be released.

The version number encodes the last commit timestamp of the master branch, with the format YYYY.[M]M.[D]DHH. For example, version 2020.3.702 indicates that the extension was built with a final commit merged at ~2AM 2020/03/07 (UTC).

Testing pre-releases

Pre-releases of the Go extension will be made available on the Releases page on GitHub. These will be separate from the Go Nightly extension. If you would like to try a pre-release, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the .vsix file from the Releases page.
  2. Navigate to the Extensions view in VS Code (Ctrl+Shift+X). Click on the “...” in the top-right corner, select “Install from VSIX”, and select the .vsix file you downloaded. Alternatively, you can run code --install-extension Go-latest.vsix or open the Command Palette and run the “Extensions: Install from VSIX...” command.
  3. If prompted, reload VS Code.

Note: If you install an extension from a VSIX file, you will stop receiving automatic prompts when updates are released.