package.json: update launch args schema

This is a follow-up change from to update the schema. This avoids intellisense warning squiggly lines when updating `launch.json` while using a `string` type for `args`.

Validated by importing the local `.vsix` extension, and verifying no warnings show up for `string` and `array` args.

Fixes golang/vscode-go#2621

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diff --git a/package.json b/package.json
index ed5ed86..3a99320 100644
--- a/package.json
+++ b/package.json
@@ -678,7 +678,7 @@
                 "default": false
               "args": {
-                "type": "array",
+                "type": ["array", "string"],
                 "description": "Command line arguments passed to the debugged program.",
                 "items": {
                   "type": "string"