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+# Standard library development
+vscode-go and gopls can be used for developing the standard library, but require configuration.
+First, you **must open the `src/` folder in VS Code**, not the Go tree root.
+(See [golang/go#32394](
+Then, you need to configure the workspace, by placing the following in `src/.vscode/settings.json`.
+    // Use the local go tool. This needs to be built with make.bash.
+    "go.alternateTools": {
+        "go": "~/godev/bin/go"
+    },
+    // Build a separate set of tools. For golang/vscode-go#294.
+    "go.toolsGopath": "~/.vscode/godev",
+    // Don't reformat HTML files since we have a custom style.
+    "html.format.enable": false,
+The above assumes the Go tree is checked out at `~/godev`. If your Go tree is somewhere else, modify
+`go.alternateTools.go` accordingly.
+You can add `.vscode` to `.git/info/exclude` to avoid risking checking `settings.json` into git.
+If you see an "inconsistent vendoring" error, please report it at
+See also [golang/go#38603](