src/goLanguageServer: enable survey for the go extension users

We ran the survey only for go-nightly so far. Now remove the condition
and activate survey for all go extensions.

We will prompt user surveys for 1% of users (excluding users
who responded in the last year or got prompted in the last 90days).

Change-Id: I763daf4ee44f98b6d2418d9d32f9484b69d760d4
Trust: Hyang-Ah Hana Kim <>
Run-TryBot: Hyang-Ah Hana Kim <>
TryBot-Result: kokoro <>
Reviewed-by: Rebecca Stambler <>
diff --git a/src/goLanguageServer.ts b/src/goLanguageServer.ts
index 7c5811e..c8fc4e9 100644
--- a/src/goLanguageServer.ts
+++ b/src/goLanguageServer.ts
@@ -86,10 +86,6 @@
 // server.
 let restartCommand: vscode.Disposable;
-// When enabled, users may be prompted to fill out the gopls survey.
-// For now, we turn it on in the Nightly extension to test it.
-const goplsSurveyOn: boolean = extensionId === 'golang.go-nightly';
 // lastUserAction is the time of the last user-triggered change.
 // A user-triggered change is a didOpen, didChange, didSave, or didClose event.
 let lastUserAction: Date = new Date();
@@ -142,7 +138,7 @@
 		setTimeout(survey, timeDay);
 		const cfg = buildLanguageServerConfig();
-		if (!goplsSurveyOn || !cfg.enabled) {
+		if (!cfg.enabled) {