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  1. nightly/
  2. all.bash
  3. build-ci-image.yaml
  4. Dockerfile
  6. release-nightly.yaml
  7. release.yaml

Release process

The golang.go-nightly extension is released daily during weekdays, based on the latest commit to the master branch.

(Note: the release process is currently in GH workflow. We are in process of moving it to a GCB workflow.)

  • Dockerfile: defines the image containing tools and environments needed to build and test the extension. (e.g. Go, Node.js, jq, etc.)
  • build-ci-image.yaml: defines the workflow to build the container image used for extension testing and releasing.
  • release-nightly.yaml: defines the workflow that builds the nightly extension and runs tests. The built extension is pushed only after all tests pass.