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+# Managing Your Go Version
+## Using The Go Status Bar
+You can view the current Go version by looking at the status bar item in the bottom left corner of VS Code. Clicking this button will present you with a menu from which you can select any version of Go that exists in your $HOME/sdk directory or on <>.
+Previously, the `go.goroot` and `go.alternateTools` settings controlled the Go version used by VS Code Go. If you have configured these settings, they are no longer needed and should be deleted.
+The "Clear Selection" option resets your Go version to the one found first in either `go.alternateTools`, `go.goroot` or your PATH.
+## Installing a New Go Version
+After selecting any Go version that has not yet been installed (such as Go 1.14.6 in the screenshot above), the binary will be automatically installed in $HOME/sdk and put to use in your environment.
+Once the download completes, VS Code Go will make use of this new Go version.