gotour: update CodeMirror editor to 5.25.2

Update CodeMirror editor from version 3.16 to the latest current
version, which is 5.25.2.

The goal is to reduce maintenance burden in the future, and
make it easier to enable features like bracket matching, etc.

The update was done by overwriting existing files with those
from the latest CodeMirror release. No new files were added.
I tested gotour locally and the new editor appears to work ok.
There are no errors in console, typing works, and I noticed
at least one issue resolved in the new version. Typing
CodeMirror.version in browser console now prints "5.25.2".

Commit 768e12fbe3f242754403a1fe72b6463e2584f5e4 applied manual changes
to mode/go/go.js, but these have been merged upstream via,, and
As a result, I was able to use mode/go/go.js from upstream
without cherry-picking those changes.

Helps golang/tour#146.
Helps golang/go#18723.

Change-Id: I94bd687609b80de7a4ed89cf6a300a878ac9bfe6
Reviewed-by: Chris Broadfoot <>
6 files changed
tree: 4414427e63ee5a538963c4a5e5cc6c534212e3b6
  1. .gitignore
  7. TODO
  9. app.yaml
  10. codereview.cfg
  11. content/
  12. gotour/
  13. pic/
  14. reader/
  15. solutions/
  16. static/
  17. template/
  18. tools/
  19. tree/
  20. wc/

A Tour of Go is an introduction to the Go programming language.

The easiest way to install the tour locally is to install a binary release of Go and then run:

$ go tool tour

To install the tour from source, first set up a workspace and then run:

$ go get

This will place a gotour binary in your workspace's bin directory.

Unless otherwise noted, the go-tour source files are distributed under the BSD-style license found in the LICENSE file.

Contributions should follow the same procedure as for the Go project: