content: use Pizza/pizza as an example of exported names

In other languages, all-caps usually signifies an exported constant.
Remove that example since it conflicts with Go's naming guide.

Fixes golang/go#15047.

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 * Exported names
 In Go, a name is exported if it begins with a capital letter.
+For example, `Pizza` is an exported name, as is `Pi`, which is exported from
+the `math` package.
+`pizza` and `pi` do not start with a capital letter, so they are not exported.
 When importing a package, you can refer only to its exported names.
 Any "unexported" names are not accessible from outside the package.
-`Pi` is an exported name, as is `PI`. The name `pi` is not exported.
 Run the code. Notice the error message.
 To fix the error, rename `math.pi` to `math.Pi` and try it again.