internal/lsp/regtest: eliminate arbitrary timeouts

We care that gopls operations complete within a reasonable time.
However, what is “reasonable” depends strongly on the specifics of the
user and the hardware they are running on: a timeout that would be
perfectly reasonable on a high-powered user workstation with little
other load may be far too short on an overloaded and/or underpowered
CI builder.

This change adjusts the regtest runner to use the test deadline
instead of an arbitrary, flag-defined timeout; we expect the user or
system running the test to scale the test timeout appropriately to the
specific platform and system load.

When the testing package gains support for per-test timeouts
(golang/go#48157), this approach will automatically apply those
timeouts too.

If we decide that we also want to test specific performance and/or
latency targets, we can set up specific configurations for that (as
either aggressive per-test timeouts or benchmarks) in a followup

For golang/go#50582

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