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package analysistest_test
import (
func init() {
// This test currently requires GOPATH mode.
// Explicitly disabling module mode should suffice, but
// we'll also turn off GOPROXY just for good measure.
if err := os.Setenv("GO111MODULE", "off"); err != nil {
if err := os.Setenv("GOPROXY", "off"); err != nil {
// TestTheTest tests the analysistest testing infrastructure.
func TestTheTest(t *testing.T) {
testenv.NeedsTool(t, "go")
// We'll simulate a partly failing test of the findcall analysis,
// which (by default) reports calls to functions named 'println'.
findcall.Analyzer.Flags.Set("name", "println")
filemap := map[string]string{"a/b.go": `package main // want package:"found"
func main() {
// The expectation is ill-formed:
print() // want: "diagnostic"
print() // want foo"fact"
print() // want foo:
print() // want "\xZZ scan error"
// A diagnostic is reported at this line, but the expectation doesn't match:
println("hello, world") // want "wrong expectation text"
// An unexpected diagnostic is reported at this line:
println() // trigger an unexpected diagnostic
// No diagnostic is reported at this line:
print() // want "unsatisfied expectation"
// OK
println("hello, world") // want "call of println"
// OK (multiple expectations on same line)
println(); println() // want "call of println(...)" "call of println(...)"
// OK (facts and diagnostics on same line)
func println(...interface{}) { println() } // want println:"found" "call of println(...)"
dir, cleanup, err := analysistest.WriteFiles(filemap)
if err != nil {
defer cleanup()
var got []string
t2 := errorfunc(func(s string) { got = append(got, s) }) // a fake *testing.T
analysistest.Run(t2, dir, findcall.Analyzer, "a")
want := []string{
`a/b.go:5: in 'want' comment: unexpected ":"`,
`a/b.go:6: in 'want' comment: got String after foo, want ':'`,
`a/b.go:7: in 'want' comment: got EOF, want regular expression`,
`a/b.go:8: in 'want' comment: invalid char escape`,
`a/b.go:11:9: diagnostic "call of println(...)" does not match pattern "wrong expectation text"`,
`a/b.go:14:9: unexpected diagnostic: call of println(...)`,
`a/b.go:11: no diagnostic was reported matching "wrong expectation text"`,
`a/b.go:17: no diagnostic was reported matching "unsatisfied expectation"`,
// Go 1.13's scanner error messages uses the word invalid where Go 1.12 used illegal. Convert them
// to keep tests compatible with both.
// TODO(matloob): Remove this once Go 1.13 is released.
for i := range got {
got[i] = strings.Replace(got[i], "illegal", "invalid", -1)
} //
if !reflect.DeepEqual(got, want) {
strings.Join(got, "\n"),
strings.Join(want, "\n"))
type errorfunc func(string)
func (f errorfunc) Errorf(format string, args ...interface{}) {
f(fmt.Sprintf(format, args...))