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// Copyright 2019 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package imports implements a Go pretty-printer (like package "go/format")
// that also adds or removes import statements as necessary.
package imports // import ""
import (
intimp ""
// Options specifies options for processing files.
type Options struct {
Fragment bool // Accept fragment of a source file (no package statement)
AllErrors bool // Report all errors (not just the first 10 on different lines)
Comments bool // Print comments (true if nil *Options provided)
TabIndent bool // Use tabs for indent (true if nil *Options provided)
TabWidth int // Tab width (8 if nil *Options provided)
FormatOnly bool // Disable the insertion and deletion of imports
// Debug controls verbose logging.
var Debug = false
// LocalPrefix is a comma-separated string of import path prefixes, which, if
// set, instructs Process to sort the import paths with the given prefixes
// into another group after 3rd-party packages.
var LocalPrefix string
// Process formats and adjusts imports for the provided file.
// If opt is nil the defaults are used, and if src is nil the source
// is read from the filesystem.
// Note that filename's directory influences which imports can be chosen,
// so it is important that filename be accurate.
// To process data “as if” it were in filename, pass the data as a non-nil src.
func Process(filename string, src []byte, opt *Options) ([]byte, error) {
var err error
if src == nil {
src, err = os.ReadFile(filename)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
if opt == nil {
opt = &Options{Comments: true, TabIndent: true, TabWidth: 8}
intopt := &intimp.Options{
Env: &intimp.ProcessEnv{
GocmdRunner: &gocommand.Runner{},
LocalPrefix: LocalPrefix,
AllErrors: opt.AllErrors,
Comments: opt.Comments,
FormatOnly: opt.FormatOnly,
Fragment: opt.Fragment,
TabIndent: opt.TabIndent,
TabWidth: opt.TabWidth,
if Debug {
intopt.Env.Logf = log.Printf
return intimp.Process(filename, src, intopt)
// VendorlessPath returns the devendorized version of the import path ipath.
// For example, VendorlessPath("foo/bar/vendor/a/b") returns "a/b".
func VendorlessPath(ipath string) string {
return intimp.VendorlessPath(ipath)