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// Copyright 2013 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package godoc
import (
// A Corpus holds all the state related to serving and indexing a
// collection of Go code.
// Construct a new Corpus with NewCorpus, then modify options,
// then call its Init method.
type Corpus struct {
fs vfs.FileSystem
// Verbose logging.
Verbose bool
// IndexEnabled controls whether indexing is enabled.
IndexEnabled bool
// IndexFiles specifies a glob pattern specifying index files.
// If not empty, the index is read from these files in sorted
// order.
IndexFiles string
// IndexThrottle specifies the indexing throttle value
// between 0.0 and 1.0. At 0.0, the indexer always sleeps.
// At 1.0, the indexer never sleeps. Because 0.0 is useless
// and redundant with setting IndexEnabled to false, the
// zero value for IndexThrottle means 0.9.
IndexThrottle float64
// IndexInterval specifies the time to sleep between reindexing
// all the sources.
// If zero, a default is used. If negative, the index is only
// built once.
IndexInterval time.Duration
// IndexDocs enables indexing of Go documentation.
// This will produce search results for exported types, functions,
// methods, variables, and constants, and will link to the godoc
// documentation for those identifiers.
IndexDocs bool
// IndexGoCode enables indexing of Go source code.
// This will produce search results for internal and external identifiers
// and will link to both declarations and uses of those identifiers in
// source code.
IndexGoCode bool
// IndexFullText enables full-text indexing.
// This will provide search results for any matching text in any file that
// is indexed, including non-Go files (see whitelisted in index.go).
// Regexp searching is supported via full-text indexing.
IndexFullText bool
// MaxResults optionally specifies the maximum results for indexing.
MaxResults int
// SummarizePackage optionally specifies a function to
// summarize a package. It exists as an optimization to
// avoid reading files to parse package comments.
// If SummarizePackage returns false for ok, the caller
// ignores all return values and parses the files in the package
// as if SummarizePackage were nil.
// If showList is false, the package is hidden from the
// package listing.
SummarizePackage func(pkg string) (summary string, showList, ok bool)
// IndexDirectory optionally specifies a function to determine
// whether the provided directory should be indexed. The dir
// will be of the form "/src/cmd/6a", "/doc/play",
// "/src/io", etc.
// If nil, all directories are indexed if indexing is enabled.
IndexDirectory func(dir string) bool
// Send a value on this channel to trigger a metadata refresh.
// It is buffered so that if a signal is not lost if sent
// during a refresh.
refreshMetadataSignal chan bool
// file system information
fsTree util.RWValue // *Directory tree of packages, updated with each sync (but sync code is removed now)
fsModified util.RWValue // timestamp of last call to invalidateIndex
docMetadata util.RWValue // mapping from paths to *Metadata
// SearchIndex is the search index in use.
searchIndex util.RWValue
// Analysis is the result of type and pointer analysis.
Analysis analysis.Result
// flag to check whether a corpus is initialized or not
initMu sync.RWMutex
initDone bool
// pkgAPIInfo contains the information about which package API
// features were added in which version of Go.
pkgAPIInfo apiVersions
// NewCorpus returns a new Corpus from a filesystem.
// The returned corpus has all indexing enabled and MaxResults set to 1000.
// Change or set any options on Corpus before calling the Corpus.Init method.
func NewCorpus(fs vfs.FileSystem) *Corpus {
c := &Corpus{
fs: fs,
refreshMetadataSignal: make(chan bool, 1),
MaxResults: 1000,
IndexEnabled: true,
IndexDocs: true,
IndexGoCode: true,
IndexFullText: true,
return c
func (c *Corpus) CurrentIndex() (*Index, time.Time) {
v, t := c.searchIndex.Get()
idx, _ := v.(*Index)
return idx, t
func (c *Corpus) FSModifiedTime() time.Time {
_, ts := c.fsModified.Get()
return ts
// Init initializes Corpus, once options on Corpus are set.
// It must be called before any subsequent method calls.
func (c *Corpus) Init() error {
if err := c.initFSTree(); err != nil {
return err
go c.refreshMetadataLoop()
c.initDone = true
return nil
func (c *Corpus) initFSTree() error {
dir := c.newDirectory("/", -1)
if dir == nil {
return errors.New("godoc: corpus fstree is nil")
return nil