x/tools/go/analysis/passes/unsafeptr: report Header misuse

This CL updates unsafeptr to report about *x and &x expressions where
the pointed-to variable has type reflect.SliceHeader or

- Disallowing *x means that reflect.{Slice,String}Header.Data can only
  be accessed using field selection via a *reflect.{Slice,String}Header

- Disallowing &x means that a *reflect.{Slice,String}Header value can
  only be created by converting from an unsafe.Pointer.

Well, almost only. There are still tricks that can be played to
workaround both of these. For example, a pointer can be dereferenced
via reflection, or a user could write a conversion like:

    type T reflect.SliceHeader
    _ = (*reflect.SliceHeader)(&T{})

But presumably this at least raises the bar enough that someone is
likely to pause to figure out the correct way to use

Notably, disallowing *x and &x does *not* emit warnings for code that
uses reflect.{Slice,String}Header purely as values. For example, the
tests in internal/unsafeheader. Such code is arguably still a
violation of the unsafe.Pointer safety rules ("reflect.SliceHeader and
reflect.StringHeader should be used [...] never as plain structs"),
but is benign.

Updates golang/go#40701.

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