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// Copyright 2019 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package source
import (
errors ""
// DefaultOptions is the options that are used for Gopls execution independent
// of any externally provided configuration (LSP initialization, command
// invokation, etc.).
func DefaultOptions() Options {
var commands []string
for _, c := range Commands {
commands = append(commands, c.Name)
return Options{
ClientOptions: ClientOptions{
InsertTextFormat: protocol.PlainTextTextFormat,
PreferredContentFormat: protocol.Markdown,
ConfigurationSupported: true,
DynamicConfigurationSupported: true,
DynamicWatchedFilesSupported: true,
LineFoldingOnly: false,
HierarchicalDocumentSymbolSupport: true,
ServerOptions: ServerOptions{
SupportedCodeActions: map[FileKind]map[protocol.CodeActionKind]bool{
Go: {
protocol.SourceFixAll: true,
protocol.SourceOrganizeImports: true,
protocol.QuickFix: true,
protocol.RefactorRewrite: true,
protocol.RefactorExtract: true,
Mod: {
protocol.SourceOrganizeImports: true,
Sum: {},
SupportedCommands: commands,
UserOptions: UserOptions{
Env: os.Environ(),
HoverKind: FullDocumentation,
LinkTarget: "",
LinksInHover: true,
Matcher: Fuzzy,
SymbolMatcher: SymbolFuzzy,
DeepCompletion: true,
UnimportedCompletion: true,
CompletionDocumentation: true,
EnabledCodeLens: map[string]bool{
CommandGenerate.Name: true,
CommandUpgradeDependency.Name: true,
CommandRegenerateCgo.Name: true,
CommandToggleDetails.Name: false,
ExpandWorkspaceToModule: true,
DebuggingOptions: DebuggingOptions{
CompletionBudget: 100 * time.Millisecond,
LiteralCompletions: true,
ExperimentalOptions: ExperimentalOptions{
TempModfile: true,
Hooks: Hooks{
ComputeEdits: myers.ComputeEdits,
URLRegexp: urlRegexp(),
DefaultAnalyzers: defaultAnalyzers(),
TypeErrorAnalyzers: typeErrorAnalyzers(),
ConvenienceAnalyzers: convenienceAnalyzers(),
GoDiff: true,
// Options holds various configuration that affects Gopls execution, organized
// by the nature or origin of the settings.
type Options struct {
// ClientOptions holds LSP-specific configuration that is provided by the
// client.
type ClientOptions struct {
InsertTextFormat protocol.InsertTextFormat
ConfigurationSupported bool
DynamicConfigurationSupported bool
DynamicWatchedFilesSupported bool
PreferredContentFormat protocol.MarkupKind
LineFoldingOnly bool
HierarchicalDocumentSymbolSupport bool
// ServerOptions holds LSP-specific configuration that is provided by the
// server.
type ServerOptions struct {
SupportedCodeActions map[FileKind]map[protocol.CodeActionKind]bool
SupportedCommands []string
// UserOptions holds custom Gopls configuration (not part of the LSP) that is
// modified by the client.
type UserOptions struct {
// Env is the current set of environment overrides on this view.
Env []string
// BuildFlags is used to adjust the build flags applied to the view.
BuildFlags []string
// HoverKind specifies the format of the content for hover requests.
HoverKind HoverKind
// UserEnabledAnalyses specifies analyses that the user would like to enable
// or disable. A map of the names of analysis passes that should be
// enabled/disabled. A full list of analyzers that gopls uses can be found
// [here](
// Example Usage:
// ...
// "analyses": {
// "unreachable": false, // Disable the unreachable analyzer.
// "unusedparams": true // Enable the unusedparams analyzer.
// }
UserEnabledAnalyses map[string]bool
// EnabledCodeLens specifies which codelens are enabled, keyed by the gopls
// command that they provide.
EnabledCodeLens map[string]bool
// StaticCheck enables additional analyses from
StaticCheck bool
// LinkTarget is the website used for documentation. If empty, no link is
// provided.
LinkTarget string
// LinksInHover toggles the presence of links to documentation in hover.
LinksInHover bool
// ImportShortcut specifies whether import statements should link to
// documentation or go to definitions. The default is both.
ImportShortcut ImportShortcut
// LocalPrefix is used to specify goimports's -local behavior.
LocalPrefix string
// Matcher specifies the type of matcher to use for completion requests.
Matcher Matcher
// SymbolMatcher specifies the type of matcher to use for symbol requests.
SymbolMatcher SymbolMatcher
// SymbolStyle specifies what style of symbols to return in symbol requests
// (package qualified, fully qualified, etc).
SymbolStyle SymbolStyle
// DeepCompletion allows completion to perform nested searches through
// possible candidates.
DeepCompletion bool
// UnimportedCompletion enables completion for unimported packages.
UnimportedCompletion bool
// CompletionDocumentation returns additional documentation with completion
// requests.
CompletionDocumentation bool
// Placeholders adds placeholders to parameters and structs in completion
// results.
Placeholders bool
// Gofumpt indicates if we should run gofumpt formatting.
Gofumpt bool
// ExpandWorkspaceToModule is true if we should expand the scope of the
// workspace to include the modules containing the workspace folders.
ExpandWorkspaceToModule bool
type ImportShortcut int
const (
Both ImportShortcut = iota
func (s ImportShortcut) ShowLinks() bool {
return s == Both || s == Link
func (s ImportShortcut) ShowDefinition() bool {
return s == Both || s == Definition
type completionOptions struct {
deepCompletion bool
unimported bool
documentation bool
fullDocumentation bool
placeholders bool
literal bool
matcher Matcher
budget time.Duration
// Hooks contains configuration that is provided to the Gopls command by the
// main package.
type Hooks struct {
GoDiff bool
ComputeEdits diff.ComputeEdits
URLRegexp *regexp.Regexp
DefaultAnalyzers map[string]Analyzer
TypeErrorAnalyzers map[string]Analyzer
ConvenienceAnalyzers map[string]Analyzer
GofumptFormat func(ctx context.Context, src []byte) ([]byte, error)
func (o Options) AddDefaultAnalyzer(a *analysis.Analyzer) {
o.DefaultAnalyzers[a.Name] = Analyzer{Analyzer: a, enabled: true}
// ExperimentalOptions defines configuration for features under active
// development. WARNING: This configuration will be changed in the future. It
// only exists while these features are under development.
type ExperimentalOptions struct {
// TempModfile controls the use of the -modfile flag in Go 1.14.
TempModfile bool
// VerboseWorkDoneProgress controls whether the LSP server should send
// progress reports for all work done outside the scope of an RPC.
VerboseWorkDoneProgress bool
// Annotations suppress various kinds of optimization diagnostics
// that would be reported by the gc_details command.
// noNilcheck suppresses display of nilchecks.
// noEscape suppresses escape choices.
// noInline suppresses inlining choices.
// noBounds suppresses bounds checking diagnositcs.
Annotations map[string]bool
// DebuggingOptions should not affect the logical execution of Gopls, but may
// be altered for debugging purposes.
type DebuggingOptions struct {
VerboseOutput bool
// CompletionBudget is the soft latency goal for completion requests. Most
// requests finish in a couple milliseconds, but in some cases deep
// completions can take much longer. As we use up our budget we
// dynamically reduce the search scope to ensure we return timely
// results. Zero means unlimited.
CompletionBudget time.Duration
// LiteralCompletions controls whether literal candidates such as
// "&someStruct{}" are offered. Tests disable this flag to simplify
// their expected values.
LiteralCompletions bool
type Matcher int
const (
Fuzzy = Matcher(iota)
type SymbolMatcher int
const (
SymbolFuzzy = SymbolMatcher(iota)
type SymbolStyle int
const (
PackageQualifiedSymbols = SymbolStyle(iota)
type HoverKind int
const (
SingleLine = HoverKind(iota)
// Structured is an experimental setting that returns a structured hover format.
// This format separates the signature from the documentation, so that the client
// can do more manipulation of these fields.
// This should only be used by clients that support this behavior.
type OptionResults []OptionResult
type OptionResult struct {
Name string
Value interface{}
Error error
State OptionState
Replacement string
type OptionState int
const (
OptionHandled = OptionState(iota)
type LinkTarget string
func SetOptions(options *Options, opts interface{}) OptionResults {
var results OptionResults
switch opts := opts.(type) {
case nil:
case map[string]interface{}:
for name, value := range opts {
results = append(results, options.set(name, value))
results = append(results, OptionResult{
Value: opts,
Error: errors.Errorf("Invalid options type %T", opts),
return results
func (o *Options) ForClientCapabilities(caps protocol.ClientCapabilities) {
// Check if the client supports snippets in completion items.
if c := caps.TextDocument.Completion; c.CompletionItem.SnippetSupport {
o.InsertTextFormat = protocol.SnippetTextFormat
// Check if the client supports configuration messages.
o.ConfigurationSupported = caps.Workspace.Configuration
o.DynamicConfigurationSupported = caps.Workspace.DidChangeConfiguration.DynamicRegistration
o.DynamicWatchedFilesSupported = caps.Workspace.DidChangeWatchedFiles.DynamicRegistration
// Check which types of content format are supported by this client.
if hover := caps.TextDocument.Hover; len(hover.ContentFormat) > 0 {
o.PreferredContentFormat = hover.ContentFormat[0]
// Check if the client supports only line folding.
fr := caps.TextDocument.FoldingRange
o.LineFoldingOnly = fr.LineFoldingOnly
// Check if the client supports hierarchical document symbols.
o.HierarchicalDocumentSymbolSupport = caps.TextDocument.DocumentSymbol.HierarchicalDocumentSymbolSupport
func (o *Options) set(name string, value interface{}) OptionResult {
result := OptionResult{Name: name, Value: value}
switch name {
case "env":
menv, ok := value.(map[string]interface{})
if !ok {
result.errorf("invalid config gopls.env type %T", value)
for k, v := range menv {
o.Env = append(o.Env, fmt.Sprintf("%s=%s", k, v))
case "buildFlags":
iflags, ok := value.([]interface{})
if !ok {
result.errorf("invalid config gopls.buildFlags type %T", value)
flags := make([]string, 0, len(iflags))
for _, flag := range iflags {
flags = append(flags, fmt.Sprintf("%s", flag))
o.BuildFlags = flags
case "completionDocumentation":
case "usePlaceholders":
case "deepCompletion":
case "completeUnimported":
case "completionBudget":
if v, ok := result.asString(); ok {
d, err := time.ParseDuration(v)
if err != nil {
result.errorf("failed to parse duration %q: %v", v, err)
o.CompletionBudget = d
case "matcher":
matcher, ok := result.asString()
if !ok {
switch matcher {
case "fuzzy":
o.Matcher = Fuzzy
case "caseSensitive":
o.Matcher = CaseSensitive
o.Matcher = CaseInsensitive
case "symbolMatcher":
matcher, ok := result.asString()
if !ok {
switch matcher {
case "fuzzy":
o.SymbolMatcher = SymbolFuzzy
case "caseSensitive":
o.SymbolMatcher = SymbolCaseSensitive
o.SymbolMatcher = SymbolCaseInsensitive
case "symbolStyle":
style, ok := result.asString()
if !ok {
switch style {
case "full":
o.SymbolStyle = FullyQualifiedSymbols
case "dynamic":
o.SymbolStyle = DynamicSymbols
case "package":
o.SymbolStyle = PackageQualifiedSymbols
result.errorf("Unsupported symbol style %q", style)
case "hoverKind":
hoverKind, ok := result.asString()
if !ok {
switch hoverKind {
case "NoDocumentation":
o.HoverKind = NoDocumentation
case "SingleLine":
o.HoverKind = SingleLine
case "SynopsisDocumentation":
o.HoverKind = SynopsisDocumentation
case "FullDocumentation":
o.HoverKind = FullDocumentation
case "Structured":
o.HoverKind = Structured
result.errorf("Unsupported hover kind %q", hoverKind)
case "linkTarget":
case "linksInHover":
case "importShortcut":
var s string
switch s {
case "both":
o.ImportShortcut = Both
case "link":
o.ImportShortcut = Link
case "definition":
o.ImportShortcut = Definition
case "analyses":
case "annotations":
for k := range o.Annotations {
switch k {
case "noEscape", "noNilcheck", "noInline", "noBounds":
result.Name += ":" + k // put mistake(s) in the message
result.State = OptionUnexpected
case "codelens":
var lensOverrides map[string]bool
if result.Error == nil {
if o.EnabledCodeLens == nil {
o.EnabledCodeLens = make(map[string]bool)
for lens, enabled := range lensOverrides {
o.EnabledCodeLens[lens] = enabled
case "staticcheck":
case "local":
case "verboseOutput":
case "verboseWorkDoneProgress":
case "tempModfile":
case "gofumpt":
case "expandWorkspaceToModule":
// Replaced settings.
case "experimentalDisabledAnalyses":
result.State = OptionDeprecated
result.Replacement = "analyses"
case "disableDeepCompletion":
result.State = OptionDeprecated
result.Replacement = "deepCompletion"
case "disableFuzzyMatching":
result.State = OptionDeprecated
result.Replacement = "fuzzyMatching"
case "wantCompletionDocumentation":
result.State = OptionDeprecated
result.Replacement = "completionDocumentation"
case "wantUnimportedCompletions":
result.State = OptionDeprecated
result.Replacement = "completeUnimported"
case "fuzzyMatching":
result.State = OptionDeprecated
result.Replacement = "matcher"
case "caseSensitiveCompletion":
result.State = OptionDeprecated
result.Replacement = "matcher"
// Deprecated settings.
case "wantSuggestedFixes":
result.State = OptionDeprecated
case "noIncrementalSync":
result.State = OptionDeprecated
case "watchFileChanges":
result.State = OptionDeprecated
case "go-diff":
result.State = OptionDeprecated
result.State = OptionUnexpected
return result
func (r *OptionResult) errorf(msg string, values ...interface{}) {
r.Error = errors.Errorf(msg, values...)
func (r *OptionResult) asBool() (bool, bool) {
b, ok := r.Value.(bool)
if !ok {
r.errorf("Invalid type %T for bool option %q", r.Value, r.Name)
return false, false
return b, true
func (r *OptionResult) setBool(b *bool) {
if v, ok := r.asBool(); ok {
*b = v
func (r *OptionResult) setBoolMap(bm *map[string]bool) {
all, ok := r.Value.(map[string]interface{})
if !ok {
r.errorf("Invalid type %T for map[string]interface{} option %q", r.Value, r.Name)
m := make(map[string]bool)
for a, enabled := range all {
if enabled, ok := enabled.(bool); ok {
m[a] = enabled
} else {
r.errorf("Invalid type %d for map key %q in option %q", a, r.Name)
*bm = m
func (r *OptionResult) asString() (string, bool) {
b, ok := r.Value.(string)
if !ok {
r.errorf("Invalid type %T for string option %q", r.Value, r.Name)
return "", false
return b, true
func (r *OptionResult) setString(s *string) {
if v, ok := r.asString(); ok {
*s = v
// EnabledAnalyzers returns all of the analyzers enabled for the given
// snapshot.
func EnabledAnalyzers(snapshot Snapshot) (analyzers []Analyzer) {
for _, a := range snapshot.View().Options().DefaultAnalyzers {
if a.Enabled(snapshot.View()) {
analyzers = append(analyzers, a)
for _, a := range snapshot.View().Options().TypeErrorAnalyzers {
if a.Enabled(snapshot.View()) {
analyzers = append(analyzers, a)
for _, a := range snapshot.View().Options().ConvenienceAnalyzers {
if a.Enabled(snapshot.View()) {
analyzers = append(analyzers, a)
return analyzers
func typeErrorAnalyzers() map[string]Analyzer {
return map[string]Analyzer{
fillreturns.Analyzer.Name: {
Analyzer: fillreturns.Analyzer,
FixesError: fillreturns.FixesError,
HighConfidence: true,
enabled: true,
nonewvars.Analyzer.Name: {
Analyzer: nonewvars.Analyzer,
FixesError: nonewvars.FixesError,
enabled: true,
noresultvalues.Analyzer.Name: {
Analyzer: noresultvalues.Analyzer,
FixesError: noresultvalues.FixesError,
enabled: true,
undeclaredname.Analyzer.Name: {
Analyzer: undeclaredname.Analyzer,
FixesError: undeclaredname.FixesError,
Command: CommandUndeclaredName,
enabled: true,
func convenienceAnalyzers() map[string]Analyzer {
return map[string]Analyzer{
fillstruct.Analyzer.Name: {
Analyzer: fillstruct.Analyzer,
Command: CommandFillStruct,
enabled: true,
func defaultAnalyzers() map[string]Analyzer {
return map[string]Analyzer{
// The traditional vet suite:
asmdecl.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: asmdecl.Analyzer, enabled: true},
assign.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: assign.Analyzer, enabled: true},
atomic.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: atomic.Analyzer, enabled: true},
atomicalign.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: atomicalign.Analyzer, enabled: true},
bools.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: bools.Analyzer, enabled: true},
buildtag.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: buildtag.Analyzer, enabled: true},
cgocall.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: cgocall.Analyzer, enabled: true},
composite.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: composite.Analyzer, enabled: true},
copylock.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: copylock.Analyzer, enabled: true},
errorsas.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: errorsas.Analyzer, enabled: true},
httpresponse.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: httpresponse.Analyzer, enabled: true},
loopclosure.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: loopclosure.Analyzer, enabled: true},
lostcancel.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: lostcancel.Analyzer, enabled: true},
nilfunc.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: nilfunc.Analyzer, enabled: true},
printf.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: printf.Analyzer, enabled: true},
shift.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: shift.Analyzer, enabled: true},
stdmethods.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: stdmethods.Analyzer, enabled: true},
structtag.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: structtag.Analyzer, enabled: true},
tests.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: tests.Analyzer, enabled: true},
unmarshal.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: unmarshal.Analyzer, enabled: true},
unreachable.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: unreachable.Analyzer, enabled: true},
unsafeptr.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: unsafeptr.Analyzer, enabled: true},
unusedresult.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: unusedresult.Analyzer, enabled: true},
// Non-vet analyzers:
deepequalerrors.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: deepequalerrors.Analyzer, enabled: true},
sortslice.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: sortslice.Analyzer, enabled: true},
testinggoroutine.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: testinggoroutine.Analyzer, enabled: true},
unusedparams.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: unusedparams.Analyzer, enabled: false},
// gofmt -s suite:
simplifycompositelit.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: simplifycompositelit.Analyzer, enabled: true, HighConfidence: true},
simplifyrange.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: simplifyrange.Analyzer, enabled: true, HighConfidence: true},
simplifyslice.Analyzer.Name: {Analyzer: simplifyslice.Analyzer, enabled: true, HighConfidence: true},
func urlRegexp() *regexp.Regexp {
// Ensure links are matched as full words, not anywhere.
re := regexp.MustCompile(`\b(http|ftp|https)://([\w_-]+(?:(?:\.[\w_-]+)+))([\w.,@?^=%&:/~+#-]*[\w@?^=%&/~+#-])?\b`)
return re