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  1. basic.txt
  2. count2.txt
  3. double.txt
  4. max1.txt
  5. max2.txt
  6. maxset.txt
  7. maxset1.txt
  8. maxset4.txt
  9. negate.txt
  10. rand.txt
  11. rand1.txt
  12. rand2.txt

This directory contains test inputs for the bisect command.

Each text file is a txtar archive (see or go doc txtar).

The comment at the top of the archive is a JSON object describing a target behavior. Specifically, the Fail key gives a boolean expression that should provoke a failure. Bisect's job is to discover this condition.

The Bisect key describes settings in the Bisect struct that we want to change, to simulate the use of various command-line options.

The txtar archive files should be “stdout” and “stderr”, giving the expected standard output and standard error. If the bisect command should exit with a non-zero status, the stderr in the archive will end with the line “”.

Running go test -update will rewrite the stdout and stderr files in each testdata archive to match the current state of the tool. This is a useful command when the logging prints from bisect change or when writing a new test.

To use go test -update to write a new test:

  • Create a new .txt file with just a JSON object at the top, specifying what you want to test.
  • Run go test -update.
  • Reload the .txt file and read the stdout and stderr to see if you agree.