internal/lsp/source: fix composite literal type name completion

Fix completion in the following cases:

    type foo struct{}

    // now we offer "&foo" instead of "foo"
    var _ *foo = fo<>{}

    struct { f *foo }{
      // now we offer "&foo" instead of "*foo"
      f: fo<>{},

Composite literal type names are a bit special because they are part
of an arbitrary value expression rather than just a standalone type
name expression. In particular, they can be preceded by "&", which
affects how they relate to the surrounding context. The "&" doesn't
technically apply to the type name, but we must take it into account.

I made three changes to fix the behavior:
1. When we want to make a composite literal type name into a pointer,
   we use "&" instead of "*".
2. Record if a composite literal type is already has a "&" so we don't
   add it again.
3. Fix "var _ *foo = fo<>{}" to properly infer expected type of "*foo"
   by not stopping at *ast.CompositeLit searching up AST path when the
   position is in the type name (as opposed to within the curlies).

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