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// Copyright 2017 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package pointer
import (
func TestParseExtendedQuery(t *testing.T) {
const myprog = `
package pkg
import "reflect"
type T []*int
var V1 *int
var V2 **int
var V3 []*int
var V4 chan []*int
var V5 struct {F1, F2 chan *int}
var V6 [1]chan *int
var V7 int
var V8 T
var V9 reflect.Value
tests := []struct {
in string
out []interface{}
v string
valid bool
{`x`, []interface{}{"x"}, "V1", true},
{`x`, []interface{}{"x"}, "V9", true},
{`*x`, []interface{}{"x", "load"}, "V2", true},
{`x[0]`, []interface{}{"x", "sliceelem"}, "V3", true},
{`x[0]`, []interface{}{"x", "sliceelem"}, "V8", true},
{`<-x`, []interface{}{"x", "recv"}, "V4", true},
{`(<-x)[0]`, []interface{}{"x", "recv", "sliceelem"}, "V4", true},
{`<-x.F2`, []interface{}{"x", "field", 1, "recv"}, "V5", true},
{`<-x[0]`, []interface{}{"x", "arrayelem", "recv"}, "V6", true},
{`x`, nil, "V7", false},
{`y`, nil, "V1", false},
{`x; x`, nil, "V1", false},
{`x()`, nil, "V1", false},
{`close(x)`, nil, "V1", false},
var conf loader.Config
f, err := conf.ParseFile("file.go", myprog)
if err != nil {
conf.CreateFromFiles("main", f)
lprog, err := conf.Load()
if err != nil {
pkg := lprog.Created[0].Pkg
for _, test := range tests {
typ := pkg.Scope().Lookup(test.v).Type()
ops, _, err := parseExtendedQuery(typ,
if test.valid && err != nil {
t.Errorf("parseExtendedQuery(%q) = %s, expected no error",, err)
if !test.valid && err == nil {
t.Errorf("parseExtendedQuery(%q) succeeded, expected error",
if !reflect.DeepEqual(ops, test.out) {
t.Errorf("parseExtendedQuery(%q) = %#v, want %#v",, ops, test.out)