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-- AliasMap(a map[*Alias]StringAlias) (b map[*Alias]StringAlias, c map[*Alias]StringAlias)-signature --
AliasMap(a map[*Alias]StringAlias) (b map[*Alias]StringAlias, c map[*Alias]StringAlias)
-- AliasSlice(a []*Alias) (b Alias)-signature --
AliasSlice(a []*Alias) (b Alias)
-- Bar(float64, ...byte)-signature --
Bar(float64, ...byte)
-- Foo(a string, b int) (c bool)-signature --
Foo(a string, b int) (c bool)
-- GetAlias() Alias-signature --
GetAlias() Alias
-- GetAliasPtr() *Alias-signature --
GetAliasPtr() *Alias
-- Next(n int) []byte-signature --
Next(n int) []byte
Next returns a slice containing the next n bytes from the buffer, advancing the buffer as if the bytes had been returned by Read.
-- OtherAliasMap(a map[Alias]OtherAlias, b map[Alias]OtherAlias) map[Alias]OtherAlias-signature --
OtherAliasMap(a map[Alias]OtherAlias, b map[Alias]OtherAlias) map[Alias]OtherAlias
-- SetAliasSlice(a []*Alias)-signature --
SetAliasSlice(a []*Alias)
-- SetOtherAliasMap(a map[*Alias]OtherAlias)-signature --
SetOtherAliasMap(a map[*Alias]OtherAlias)
-- fn(hi string, there string) func(i int) rune-signature --
fn(hi string, there string) func(i int) rune
-- foo(e *json.Decoder) (*big.Int, error)-signature --
foo(e *json.Decoder) (*big.Int, error)
-- func(hi string, there string) func(i int) rune-signature --
func(hi string, there string) func(i int) rune
-- func(i int) rune-signature --
func(i int) rune
-- func(string, int) bool-signature --
func(string, int) bool
-- make(t Type, size Type-signature --
make(t Type, size Type
The make built-in function allocates and initializes an object of type slice, map, or chan (only).
-- myFunc(foo int) string-signature --
myFunc(foo int) string
-- panic(v interface{})-signature --
panic(v interface{})
The panic built-in function stops normal execution of the current goroutine.
-- println(args ...Type)-signature --
println(args ...Type)
The println built-in function formats its arguments in an implementation-specific way and writes the result to standard error.