govim integration tests

Files in this directory configure Cloud Build to run govim integration tests against a gopls binary built from source.

Running on GCP

To run these integration tests in Cloud Build, use the following steps. Here we assume that $PROJECT_ID is a valid GCP project and $BUCKET is a cloud storage bucket owned by that project.

  • cd to the root directory of the tools project.
  • (at least once per GCP project) Build the test harness:
$ gcloud builds submit \
	--project="${PROJECT_ID}" \
  • Run the integration tests:
$ gcloud builds submit \
	--project="${PROJECT_ID}" \
	--config=gopls/integration/govim/cloudbuild.yaml \

Fetching Artifacts

Assuming the artifacts bucket is world readable, you can fetch integration from GCS. They are located at:

  • logs:${BUCKET}/log-${EVALUATION_ID}.txt
  • artifact tarball:${BUCKET}/govim/${EVALUATION_ID}/artifacts.tar.gz

The artifacts.go command can be used to fetch both artifacts using an evaluation id.

Running locally

Run gopls/integration/govim/ This may take a while the first time it is run, as it will require building the test harness. This script accepts two flags to modify its behavior:

--sudo: run docker with sudo --short: run go test -short