rate: allow for more timing slop in TestWaitSimple

The 'd' constant is intentionally set fairly long to allow for builder
jitter; however, dFromDuration previously hard-coded only 1ms of
downward timing slop.

That slop can be introduced due to time spent between the call to
WaitN in the previous runWait and the call to time.Now in the current
runWait, and empirically may be a bit larger than 1ms on certain
builders (especially the android-amd64-emu builders, which also have
more clock drift than many other platforms; see golang/go#42513).

In addition, on some BSD platforms the slop in the upward direction
may actually be longer than d no matter how generously d is set. That
appears to be a platform bug (see golang/go#50189).

This change adjusts dFromDuration to round to the nearest d instead of
biasing in one direction or the other, and allows an additional factor
of slop on the affected BSD platforms.

Fixes #44067

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