Add critical section to protect lim.limit

Among 9 usages of lim.limit , 8 of them are protected by ``, but the one at line 226 is not protected. So I add a critical section to protect the read operation.

Among 8 usages of lim.limit that are protected, there are 2 usages at line 350 and 357 in function `lim.advance()`. They may seem to be unprotected at first glance, since `` doesn't appear in `lim.advance()`, but actually all three usages of `lim.advance()` are in critical section.

***How to trigger this bug***
I found this bug occasionally by my static checker, so I can only come up with a hypothesis to trigger it:

If one goroutine is calling `rate.WaitN()` and another goroutine is calling `rate.SetLimitAt()`, then the read operation in `rate.WaitN()` and the write operation in `rate.SetLimitAt()` will race.

***About my patch***
There are several ways to fix this bug, and I chose an efficient but not elegant one. Please let me know if you think other ways are better.

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