term: remove unused variable

The eraseUnderCursor variable is unused, it came in with the import
of the x/crypto/ssh/terminal package at d7a7210 but is not referenced

When this package is vendored, the unused unexported name trips warnings
from tools like staticcheck.

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diff --git a/terminal.go b/terminal.go
index 4b48a58..f636667 100644
--- a/terminal.go
+++ b/terminal.go
@@ -233,7 +233,6 @@
 	t.outBuf = append(t.outBuf, []byte(string(data))...)
-var eraseUnderCursor = []rune{' ', keyEscape, '[', 'D'}
 var space = []rune{' '}
 func isPrintable(key rune) bool {