internal/configgen: add approved new gopls counters

Fixes golang/go#62248 (gopls/goversion)
Fixes golang/go#62249 (gopls/bug)

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  1. cmd/
  2. config/
  3. counter/
  4. godev/
  5. internal/
  6. upload/
  7. .dockerignore
  8. .eslintrc.json
  9. .gitignore
  10. .prettierrc.json
  11. .stylelintrc.json
  13. doc.go
  14. go.mod
  15. go.sum
  17. mode.go
  18. npm
  19. npx
  20. package-lock.json
  21. package.json
  24. tsconfig.json
  25. types.go

Go Telemetry

This repository holds the Go Telemetry server code and libraries.

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./npm run all

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