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// Copyright 2023 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package telemetry
import (
// Common types and directories used by multiple packages.
// An UploadConfig controls what data is uploaded.
type UploadConfig struct {
GOOS []string
GOARCH []string
GoVersion []string
Programs []*ProgramConfig
type ProgramConfig struct {
// the counter names may have to be
// repeated for each program. (e.g., if the counters are in a package
// that is used in more than one program.)
Name string
Versions []string // versions present in a counterconfig
Counters []CounterConfig `json:",omitempty"`
Stacks []CounterConfig `json:",omitempty"`
type CounterConfig struct {
Name string
Rate float64 // If X < Rate, report this counter
Depth int `json:",omitempty"` // for stack counters
// A Report is what's uploaded (or saved locally)
type Report struct {
Week string // first day this report covers (YYYY-MM-DD)
LastWeek string // Week field from latest previous report uploaded
X float64 // A random proability used to determine which counters are uploaded
Programs []*ProgramReport
Config string // version of UploadConfig used
type ProgramReport struct {
Program string
Version string
GoVersion string
GOOS string
GOARCH string
Counters map[string]int64
Stacks map[string]int64
// A Control allows the user to override various default
// reporting and uploading choices.
// Future versions may also allow the user to set the upload URL.
type Control struct {
// UploadConfig provides the telemetry UploadConfig used to
// decide which counters get uploaded. nil is legal, and
// means the code will use the latest version of the module
UploadConfig func() *UploadConfig
// Logging provides a io.Writer for error messages during uploading
// nil is legal and no log messages get generated
Logging io.Writer