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// Copyright 2023 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// The chartconfig package defines the ChartConfig type, representing telemetry
// chart configuration, as well as utilities for parsing and validating this
// configuration.
// Chart configuration defines the set of aggregations active on the telemetry
// server, and are used to derive which data needs to be uploaded by users.
// See the original blog post for more details:
// The record format defined in this package differs slightly from that of the
// blog post. This format is still experimental, and subject to change.
// Configuration records consist of fields, comments, and whitespace. A field
// is defined by a line starting with a valid key, followed immediately by ":",
// and then a textual value, which cannot include the comment separator '#'.
// Comments start with '#', and extend to the end of the line.
// The following keys are supported. Any entry not marked as (optional) must be
// provided.
// - title: the chart title.
// - description: (optional) a longer description of the chart.
// - issue: a go issue tracker URL proposing the chart configuration.
// Multiple issues may be provided by including additional 'issue:' lines.
// All proposals must be in the 'accepted' state.
// - type: the chart type: currently only partition, histogram, and stack are
// supported.
// - program: the package path of the program for which this chart applies.
// - version: (optional) the first version for which this chart applies. Must
// be a valid semver value.
// - counter: the primary counter this chart illustrates, including buckets
// for histogram and partition charts.
// - depth: (optional) stack counters only; the maximum stack depth to collect
// - error: (optional) the desired error rate for this chart, which
// determines collection rate
// Multiple records are separated by "---" lines.
// For example:
// # This config defines an ordinary counter.
// counter: gopls/editor:{emacs,vim,vscode,other} # TODO(golang/go#34567): add more editors
// title: Editor Distribution
// description: measure editor distribution for gopls users.
// type: partition
// issue:
// program:
// version: v1.0.0
// version: [v2.0.0, v2.3.4]
// version: [v3.0.0, ]
// ---
// # This config defines a stack counter.
// counter: gopls/bug
// title: Gopls bug reports.
// description: Stacks of bugs encountered on the gopls server.
// issue:
// issue: # increase stack depth
// type: stack
// program:
// depth: 10
package chartconfig
// A ChartConfig defines the configuration for a single chart/collection on the
// telemetry server.
// See the package documentation for field definitions.
type ChartConfig struct {
Title string
Description string
Issue []string
Type string
Program string
Counter string
Depth int
Error float64 // TODO(rfindley) is Error still useful?
Version string